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Start doing Why rather than What

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I consider myself an effective person. What I put my mind on I can accomplish. If I have to climb mount Everest, I find the way to climb mount Everest. But what I realized, was that I lacked a why. What is the difference between success and accomplishments? What is the difference of doing with a why rather than a what?

After a very long week of going from one place to the other I stopped myself in one of those five minutes coffee breaks. In those five minutes, I asked myself what was I doing? Do I just do because of doing or because there is a reason behind it? I realized we have so short time, shouldn’t we be more selfish of our time, and stop doing meaningless things? This book reminded me to not lose sight of my Why. After reading this book, I sat down, and made a list of all the things I was doing at that moment.

Start with Why
Why? The Purpose What is your cause or belief?
How? The Process Specific actions to fulfill the why.
What? The Result What do you do? Proof


Why? The Purpose To build something for my future.
How? The Process By combining the things, I love, with the right opportunity and creating a profitable business out of it.
What? The Result I am still searching for it but I have tried what I love, photography, marketing, selling products.


Practical Training
Why? The Purpose To learn how to manage a company of 100-150 employees and gain work experience in Finland.
How? The Process By being curious, asking, by being open to little jobs they offer, and learning from their experience.
What? The Result Was offered my first summer job in Finland.


Finnish Language
Why? The Purpose I want to be able to communicate with others.
How? The Process This summer I want to study 1 hour every day.
What? The Result Being able to chit-chat with someone, and stop feeling frustrated just for trying to express myself.


Y-Kampus Student Activator
Why? The Purpose I want to network and help students either by offering more courses in English or knowing about entrepreneurship.
How? The Process Create more content in english, help and guide students if they need help with their ideas.
What? The Result Help someone make their ideas and dreams possible.


During this time, I also came across the Japanese concept of Ikigai. The premise behind Ikigai is creating a combination of your Passion, Profession, Vocation and Mission to find your Ikigai, or your Why. I have seen this process happen several times in different occasions. When Jumble was struggling and we decided to create an event where the majority of the team could participate we started this same process. We wrote on a wall what we loved to do and combining them all we reached a common mission. During Prosemma one of Proakatemia’s Alumni was asked what ha doing at this moment in his life, and he mentioned he was gathering all the things he loves and combining them to know where he will go next.

In the future I want to explore more this concept of Why and Ikigai. I want to do more things because of Why, rather than because of the What.

  • Eetu Kamppuri

    Hi Mariana!
    “Why” is an important word nowadays. In the present world many people have come to a point where they have the privilege to think about why they do what they do. Even we have.
    Not many decades ago things were a bit different. People had to think mostly about what and how. First of all that’s because most of the people had to work for survival. If you didn’t do your daily work, the table was empty. Of course they knew WHY they did it, but did they start with why? I bet the first thing in the on mind was “WHAT should I do today and HOW do I do it?”. The “WHY” was only involved when the food was on the table. “And that’s WHY I did what I did today!”
    So now that we have the opportunity to focu on “WHY”, we need to seize the moment! We need to start our days with “WHY”!