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Slow living in our society

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I often get this feeling of not doing enough, not being enough. I have analyzed my thoughts and I came up with the answer. The answer is our society. Our society that wants us to chase one dream, the dream of success and money.


There are so many who don’t even chase success or just want to live very minimal life. I feel like we are expected to want everything, expected to want more and more money and to spend more. This idea of life also encourages to overconsumption. I have to admit that I also dream about success, and I wish to be financially independent. I also know what I wish to do, if I didn’t know it, I probably wouldn’t dream of those things because wealth and working themselves don’t motivate me enough. Sometimes I wish to live in a cottage and grow my own vegetables and just do arts and crafts all day, but I know that that life is not for me fulltime.


To keep up with the fast pace of life, people must use coffee, energy drinks, alcohol, drugs etc. We are no longer able to listen to our bodies cues on when to rest. There is nothing wrong with for example coffee but in my mind, it becomes a problem when the source of one’s energy is manmade, not natural energy. We forget to rest, or we sleep less because we know we can work when we just get caffeine. If caffeine is being used as a tool to help working, it is ok, but when it is continuously being used to replace sleep and rest, it can cause huge problems later. We might also work so hard during the week that we just wait for the weekend, and we drink alcohol to “reset” the week. These habits might help us temporarily, but they are taking us closer and closer to burn out.


It is ok to be busy and productive when it’s enjoyable, still rest should have a place in ones everyday life. Some people enjoy busy lifestyle and that is perfectly fine. Some people like to live slow and that should be available and accepted too. Sadly slow living is a privilege. When one’s financial situation is not good, they have to work very hard to make a living. Many people work a lot and still don’t get paid well. We should have more options for people who don’t want to work all the time or want to take it slow. It sounds ridiculous that we must suffer in order to live. I believe entrepreneurship is one option. In order to start ones own business, one must usually have quite an amount of savings, which is not possible for everyone. One must also have the energy and capability to start a business. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of work, but it might not feel like work if it is ones passion. It is very important to also get energy and joy from what one does, in order to avoid having a burn out.


What is slow living? I read a blog text “What is slow living? 9 life changing tips to slow down” by Vanilla papers (2019). The blog text explained: “Slow living is all about consuming less and taking a slower approach to everyday life.” Slow living can be trying to focus on the small things in life or for example taking time to mindful and focus on living on the moment. Anyone can try adding some elements of slow living to your life. Maybe spending more time on doing things that give joy. Vanilla papers claims that “slow living isn’t a privilege for people who don’t have jobs, families or responsibilities.” As much as I would like to agree on that, I don’t. One can add some elements of it to their everyday lives, but it is far more difficult to do if one’s circumstances are not good for that. If a single mother works two jobs while taking care of her kids and still struggling with money tries to live slow, it might be very difficult. When one is tired and exhausted, it is not so easy. She does not have the luxury of free time; she cannot prioritize her happiness if the cost is losing a job which feeds her children and gives a roof over their head.


No wonder this generation is suffering with mental health so much when we are expected to just work and work. We have to balance between work, sports, eating healthy, relationships. One should wake up at 5am and start the day with yoga and a smoothie, then work 10h and still have the energy to go to the gym. If you don’t live that life you are not enough in the eyes of our society. We forget that people have very different lives. Some have children, mental health problems and so on and all of these effect on our energies and possibilities.



The lyrics of Lazy (IRZ, 2021)

Verse 1

“I like to take it slow

No need to have control

Over everything stupid and small

I wake up at the noon

Ain’t gonna get up very soon

Could spend three hours on TikTok



Cuz I just wanna lay and be

I ain’t a productive queen

I like to enjoy my Sunday mornings

I’m on the phone all day long

Still won’t reply to your phone calls

I like to be on my own

Cuz I’m lazy, lazy, so lazy I’m lazy, lazy

I keep on dreamin cuz I’m lazy


Verse 2

 Don’t wanna work from 9 to 5

We live on this rock only for a while

Let my soul blossom

My clothes are everywhere

But I live without any care

No need to be tiptop



Cuz I just wanna lay and be

I ain’t a productive queen

I like to enjoy my Sunday mornings

I’m on the phone all day long

Still won’t reply to your phone calls

I like to be on my own

Cuz I’m lazy, lazy, so lazy I’m lazy, lazy I keep on dreamin cuz I’m lazy”



Lazy is my first single that I have ever released. It tells about laziness and how it is ok to take it easy. We live in a society where productivity is praised, and slow lifestyle is seen as a bad thing. I like to take it slow because I get worn out very easily. I think it is very alarming how burn out is seen as a good thing and resting is seen as laziness. You should work and work, ”you can rest when you’re old and retired” is a sentence I hear a lot. I want to live while I am young and enjoy my life without bashing myself down all the time and feeling like I should do more and be better. I see so many people suffer because of too high expectations on themselves, it is so sad to see. I truly hope even one person could be more compassionate on themself when listening to Lazy.



The point of this essay was to make slow living more acceptable in our minds. It is ok not to be productive all the time, it is ok to dream about a normal and calm life as well as dreaming about successful and eventful life. We are all very different, if you need action and busyness in your life, live your life like that. If you need peace and calmness in your life, live accordingly.






IRZ – Lazy, 2021

  • Anni Pylkkänen

    Ihana essee, ihana biisi ja ihana Iiris <3 Esseetä oli helppo lukea, koska se oli hyvin jäsennelty ja punainen lanka pysyi mukana. Olin kuullut termistä ”slow living” aiemmin, mutta tämä essee lisäsi ymmärrystäni. Millä keinoilla voisi lisätä tietoisuutta aiheesta? Entä minkälaisia esimerkkejä on jo olemassa? Miten aiheesta voisi tehdä hyväksyttävämmän?