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Sell or be sold

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Have you ever sold anything? Whatever you answered, based on the book ” Sell or be sold” the answer is, you have. The book presents the idea that our life is based on selling. If we ever want something in life, we must sell it. If you disagree, you’re the one being sold to.

I’ve been interested in selling for almost my entire stay in Proacademy. After trying to sell various products I came to a conclusion that I really want to learn more about sales. I couldn’t be happier of the book I chose. While first the book seemed a bit wacky and the author was basically selling his ideas throughout the book in a way that didn’t appeal to me at all at first. After first two chapters I couldn’t help but agree on pretty much everything. Here are three points I’d like to share with you.

The most important sale

There is no other sale that will be more significant in your career as a salesperson than selling the product to yourself. Without the belief in the product it’s hard to be convincing in front of the prospect. Believing in the product in a way that you think it does what it promises to do, is not enough. You need to sell yourself in the idea that by buying your product, happier life is guaranteed. You should believe in your product so much that you buy it yourself.
If you succeed in this sale it should no longer be a problem for you to convince anyone that what you’re selling is a great product. With this belief you will not feel bad for pressuring the prospect to buy your product. You really want him or her to have this product so they get to enjoy it.

I’ve been in a situation where I was selling a solution that I wasn’t completely sure about. I’ve also been in a situation where I was completely convinced of the product. Difference between these two situations is immense. I truly believe in this concept since I have firsthand experience of it. It is dreadful to try to sell something you’re even a bit hesitant of. It makes you feel like you’re trying to fool the customer, I know I felt that way.

The price myth

The price myth is a common way to think about the market. Let me elaborate. Imagine yourself selling a product and the customer says that the solution you’re offering is too expensive. What would you do in this situation? Would you offer the solution that has lower price? Would you offer a discount to get the deal? Well, most would choose one of those. This is called “the price myth”. The myth is based on the salesperson’s belief that when the customer says something is too expensive, they’re not able or willing to pay that much. Cardone suggests that what they’re actually saying is “it’s too much money for THAT solution/product”. That’s why Cardone would go and offer the more expensive solution next since it has more features. When the customer can get the more exclusive solution/product he or she might be willing to pay even more than what you were offering in first place.

For this I don’t have firsthand experience where I have been the one making the sale but I have seen this happen before. In that situation I was selling a lower priced service with less features whereas the competitor was selling many times more expensive service with few more features. Now I’m not exaggerating here and I’m not saying that this was the only part that made us lose the deal.

Give, give, give

In order to get any sales, you need to give first. This means providing value for the customer throughout the sales process. For example, “if your client wants one option, give them three or six or even twelve”. It’s pretty much impossible to go overboard in customer service.

The three “gives” here could be:

  • Giving the most attention
  • Giving the best attitude
  • Giving the highest level of service

For me it’s hard to believe that anyone could disagree with this method. After all, people buy from people they like no matter the company. So, if you’re able to fulfill the requirements of these three “gives” there should be no reason for the customer not wanting to do business with you. Now this does not mean that the deal would already be closed but at least you’re on your way there.

I like to offer only a few points in my essays so they’re easier to remember which is why I won’t list more. The book offers way more material to learn from and not only is it informational but it’s also entertaining. If you’re even a bit interested in sales you should definitely get your hands on “Sell or be sold”, I’m sure there is something for everyone.