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People and culture

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People and culture


We had Tuomo Hakaoja from Futurice speaking about people and culture at Proakatemia. His presentation was super inspiring and interesting. He talked about that how the people and culture influence for everything at the company, and how the human capital and human care is at the centre of everything. His presentation was in English, and I wrote all my notes in English and i´m so proud of myself that i´m writing now my first ever essay in English. Woop!


Tuomo speak about that keeping the people in the center of everything, should be a main priority. Because when the culture and community part work, happens amazing stuff. People is the power, the key value. Tuomo told that at the Futurice they focus at care, trust, transparency and continous improvement. All of those are really important in my personal opinion too. And I think that in companies and communities should pay attention people and culture more. For example here in Proakatemia at in our team, we have to make efforts to build our culture, to take different people better into account and create the kind of trust and culture that every team member can sign.


“If you trust the people, why you need rules?” Tuomo asked in his presentation. I started to think about that, and realize, our team has not trust at all at the moment. In the Proakatemia too, trust is one of the main values and it should show up in teams. But in our team has been many struggles lately. That appears in people and effect the culture and the activities of the whole team. In team entrepreneurship the most challenging part is probably to change your mindset thinking about “us” rather than “me”, and that’s hard without trust.

Tuomo mentioned psychological safety, which should be foundation in teamwork. He said that it is important to find balance between work and having fun. The atmosphere needs allow both positive and negative thoughts. Everyone needs to be comfortable sharing their opinions. Having fun together with team, is important in building trust. And more and more trust will then create a psychological safety. With our team, we are didn´t do any fun stuff together outside the school on this autumn. We have been only completed the mandatory studies, and not worked for trust and psychological safety. In my opinion that´s one of the reasons to our struggles that we have right now.


Learning was important point what Tuomo brought up many times. He said that is important for success to learn new all the time, and share learn to others too. Learning is happening all the time when we are doing projects, reading books, listening seminars etc. But the most important thing is that learning really happens, and shows on teamwork. Everybody make mistakes, and those mistakes often help you learn the most. It´s important to learn to deal with mistakes, and focus on learning from them. I think in our team learning has not been in the center of doing lately. I wish that everyone in our team would understand the effect that learning has on everything. For me personal, learning is like candy, I want to learn more and more all time of myself and surrounding world, to become a better person. And share learned things the best I can, that gives me pleasure just like candy. Learning makes me feel meaningful and motivated, and that’s also one thing Tuomo pointed out – learning is important in both companies and communities. I would like to be create that kind of culture to our team, where learning, trust and peoples are in the center.

Like Tuomo Hakaoja said: “Clever people do clever decisions.”



Lähde: Prosemma 8.12.2021 Tuomo Hakaoja, Tampere