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Nordic&Baltic Business Week

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I take part to a Nordic & Baltic Business Week which was organized this time in Finland. Main idea for the week is to work with assignment that we are getting and of course to make a lot of new connections.

On Sunday 7th of May all the people from different countries (Lithuania, Estonia and Norway) arrived in TAMK in Finland. First everyone presented their countries and schools. After that we headed to the centrum to see some places and of course we needed to get some beers before the dinner in Sitko. Sunday were all about getting to know each others so we went to the hotell to hang out.







My team during the week 


On Monday we started the day together in TAMK. Noora Vaaravuori from Business Tampere came to give us the assignment for the week. Business Tampere has new community called BLINK. BLINK is a website for the companies where they can discuss together about business and other topics. So Business Tampere wanted us to make a marketing plan for BLINK. Assignment got everyone excited and we couldn’t wait to get started. Before working we heard about innovation tools from Niina Syrjälä and pitching from Vidar Alvarstein. Then we were ready to start.

During to Monday to Thursday we worked for a raport and presentation. First we were getting to know Business Tampere and BLINK. We were thinking really basic questions like why, what and for who. We remake their website to be clearer so it would be userfriendly. We were looking for a channels what they should use and where they should be seen. We search their competitors, weaknesses and strengths. After all we made our marketing plan and presentation for them.

On Thursday we all had our presentations and they were great. We are sure that Business Tampere got so many new ideas and after all they were happy with the results.

Nordic & Baltic Business week was an amazing experience! Lot of new connections and friends from other countries. We worked hard but for sure we had some time to party also! We all are really grateful for this opportunity.

I definitely recommend this week and other international projects and studies for all!