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My first book essay..

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Rich Dad Poor Dad
Robert Kiyosaki
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My first book essay




Here I am. Still alive. Even though I have read my first English novel from cover to cover! It was a spontaneous and curious choice to read in English. I wanted to see how I manage to read an English non-fiction book. It was also interesting to see how the whole book essay process goes, when I´m writing in English as well. So, it went well, I guess! I´m happy to expand my reading habits like this..

I read: “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. It is a best seller that is handling personal finance. Robert T Kiyosaki wrote this book to change the mindset of the most people! Thoughts about money itself and how to get rich. For my opinion, this is a book that everyone should read in Proakatemia. It opened my eyes and stopped me to think..

This time my essay is subjective and emotional. One reason for that might be my limited skills. It felt more approachable way to start writing in English. I chose English, because I wanted to learn outside my comfortzone. I have unsure feelings using the language, especially in essays or academic texts. Now I want to share my experience of reading my first English novel. I really wouldn´t believe to get through the task this lightly. I want to share couple of my tips from the whole book essay process.

I´m going to delve in the learnings of the book later, in another essay. So here is just an introduce and suggest about the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” -book for you. For my opinion it was a marvelous one and opened my eyes. The book contained kind of bold language and simplifications about people´s rationality with money. But still, it helped me to think on my own and organize my thoughts. Kiyosaki made me open my eyes about my personal economy.

I´m already doing smart things in my personal economy. I invest to funds and for my opinion clever shares. I also save money from the living costs. But there is much more I can do. If you want to be rich, the most important thing to reform is your mindset.

The book was from US. And quoting my dad: “They are writing simple texts in the US.” It felt to be true this time. So maybe it really was good book to start. I didn´t need to use translate that much. It was interesting to notice that, even if it´s a financial book, the vocabulary doesn´t have to be so difficult. Also in the back of the book there was information about the content. It told that book is meant for everyone that are interested about their personal economy and their thinking of money. So, no special economic know-how needed. Of course it helps that when you are interested about the book, you don´t want to miss a word from it.

Kiyosaki used his own, amazing story to teach about money. It grew my interest even more! With little stories, I was able to catch up and understand wide economical themes. I´m not wondering anymore why is the book best seller..

Reading book regularly has been difficult for me. I have vivacious personality and focusing to read text just in black and white is challenging. I made a little promise to myself. 20 pages per day. It´s not much, but it made regular reading process possible every day. It was my first English book, that also seemed interesting, I didn´t want to mess it up. I had the motivation.

If you want to expand your book essay process to English, I encourage you. Before you choose any book, get little more familiar with it. Look at the back of the book and its info. Open the book and see how the writer tells about the topic. What kind of vocabulary is there, is there any story telling. Story telling might woke some enthusiasm in you. Do a little reading plan, how much you can give an effort per day. Stick with the plan.

About the writing. If you haven´t written a lot in English, prepare yourself for feedback. Ask it. For example you can ask it from someone that seems or feels confident with the language. The person can be anyone. People will think that you are brave. First because you chose to do this in English and second, you were brave to ask help and admit that you don´t know it all. You don´t have to be a great writer in English immediately. Writing a great, academic essay is not easy, even in Finnish.

Well planned is halfway done. So you should write some notes to paper in English. Try to figure what is your goal and the topic in the essay. For my opinion it´s important, that your notes are in English also. And do not forget, that you can try this process with audio book also. For someone it might be the easier way to assimilate. If the writing seems too challenging, don´t worry. Just try. You will get better every second from starting it. Little tip. Listening or reading something in English before starting to write, might bring you a good mood for it. It makes your brain to think in another language.

By doing all this, or some of it, will help you a lot. I promise. If you are already reading and writing in English, good for you. Keep doing it! But I think there are many of us who haven´t. By sharing my experience and my tips for you guys, I wanted to make your first steps lower.

I think switching the book essay process to English is a big favor to you in the future. Think about the future and the role of English language in our world and system. English is a world language. Also, as you know our community, Proakatemia is going to be more English from now on.


  • Miisa Hiltunen

    I have to say, you have done amazing job Tatu! The essay is well combined and mixed with facts and your own feelings and tips and that is what makes it so special. You are also very brave, since I know that reading even in finnish is difficult and very time consuming for you. Still you managed to do it in english and also write about it in english, wow! Brilliant job Tatu, keep it going!