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Learning contract – the most effective way to build trust?

Kirjoittanut: Sanna Tahlo - tiimistä Hurma.

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Where have I been? What have I done previously?

Where am I now?

Where am I going? What do I want to accomplish?

How will I do it?

How do I make sure I have reached my goal?

Have you ever done a learning contract?

It is a tool that is used in Proakatemia, inside the project teams and team companies.

Who? So we do it with our sixteen people team, Hurma Projektit every six months. We went through our learning contracts with the Academic Adventures project team also.

Why? The aim of the learning contract is to structure thoughts, add self-awareness and create goals for learning. And the main (at least for my point of view) is to create trust inside the team.

Think, write down and share

First something about my history, what have I done? Worked or studied? Something about my family, friends and hobbies? What I think is relevant to tell.

Then the current reality, where am I now? Working? Living? Enjoying? Studying?

What is my vision right now? Where am I going? What are my goals with work or studies for example.

Actions and steps, how do I get there? How I can achieve my goals?

The last point, how do I know I am there? How I can measure that? Maybe with feedback?

Do you believe that this could be an effective tool for your team?

I challenge you to try! I strongly encourage you to share your experiences, thoughts or fears through the learning contract. In my opinion, the learning contract is a journey through vulnerability to building trust inside the team.

 I believe in this tool so much that this year I’m doing my thesis about it. In March, I will be taking the learning contract to Brazil and examining its effectiveness in multicultural project work and teams. So, this wasn’t the last time I will tell something about this tool…

I’ll be back.




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