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Kirjoittanut: Esme Luhtala - tiimistä FLIP Solutions.

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Essay created by Kamil Wójcik and Esme Luhtala.

The first part can be found through this link. The full version of this second part can be found here.


The intro as previously written:

Welcome and join us in revisiting the beauty of Switzerland, not through an idealized lens but through the eyes and words of friends who set out to explore and document a piece of the world. This essay, or, more precisely, this collection of in-the-moment written journal notes and snapshots that catch the moments from our travel. The outcome is a down-to-earth exploration of our experiences about some of the moments that shaped our Final camp.

Revisiting past journal entries provides insights and lessons, acting as a compass for navigating future challenges. Beyond mere record-keeping, journaling is a dynamic tool for organizing thoughts, supporting continuous learning, documenting new skills, exploring industry insights, identifying aspirations, and defining wishes and hopes. Documenting achievements can boost confidence and create a tangible record for resume updates and professional milestones. It can also help manage stress, support problem-solving, decision-making, and fostering. (Prabhakaran 2023.) But we were not too serious about this.

The work, split into two parts, was a collaborative effort between my fellow adventurer, Kamil, and me. Currently, you are reading the first part of the work, which crafts together the first half of the trip. You can access the second part of the work through this link, which paints a picture of the rest of the journey.

The intention of this work is simple: to provide the reader with a window into Flips’ final camp journey. Since we knew explaining everything would be impossible, we chose to aim to show the authentic and relatable experience through small but genuine moments. Please let us know how we did in the comments.