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Proakatemian esseepankki

Inspired by Performance

Kirjoittanut: Esme Luhtala - tiimistä FLIP Solutions.

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The extensive mind mad & whiteboard created and presented behind this link was inspired by the paja facilitated by Emilia and expanded to cover a lot of other learnings throughout Saana and I’s proakatemia journey.


Emilia Parikka, our team’s own MISSIO 2023 finalist hosted Flip Solutions Osk a paja about personal performance when performing. The paja included a presentation of the topic, a dive into performance anxiety factors and symptoms, accepting anxiety and different ways to tackle it, two different practices to enhance the performing skills of the team, and insightful dialogue about the topic was taking place. In addition to the previous, different factors that could be taken into consideration to enhance, including the stairs of building performance, were discussed. In the end, of course, a feedback tool Motorola was utilized.



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