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Influencer marketing

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Influencer marketing for brands
Aron Levin
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The way that marketers target their consumers now adays has evolved over many years. Influencer marketing has grown to be one of the most popular marketing strategies and is used by many could say that almost every brand to target their customers as well as agencies. Brands believe that using marketing method through inluencer marketers results in higher engagement as influencer have their customers trust and they trust their authenticity because of having a special connection with the influencer. Brands find the perfect influencer to market their brands to their fans, making sure the collaborations is a success for both.


Influencer Marketing and its Benefit

Influencer marketing is an effective way and demonstrated to be very beneficial for brands as well as marketers. There are many reasons why a brand would benefit from influencer marketing. First of all, consumers are most likely confident in influencer’s source compared to a paid advertisement that the person will most likely not even watch more of a second of it. This is because they consider influencer’s source of information to be more genuine and trustworthy because of the amount of time that they have gotten to know to this influencer that has build up some kind of and relationship between them. The need for more authentic content has made influencer an important member in influencing a consumers’ buying decision. Like previously said influencer marketing has become popular in the online marketing field and a majority of costumers rely on influencers reviews and suggestions to help make decisions when buying. Studies show now more than ever, consumers want to consume content that is authentic and more realistic.

Influencer marketing can grow more and more brands to reach and positioning in the online market. Social users will begin to know more about a brand, the background in the creation of a brand, who the people are, and the solutions that the brand offers. The offerings that influencers can make as far as brand awareness are some of the most dominant benefits of social media marketing. The key factor in maximising influencer strategy is making sure you provide valuable content that adds to the influencers’ social media presence as well, ensuring there is value in the partnership for both parties. Influencers are generally the driving force behind new trends and developments. They commonly introduce audiences to new brands, products, ideas, etc. Adjusting your brand with an influencer who moves the needle in the trends department shows individuals that your company is an innovative leader in the industry.


Influencer Marketing Agencies and their Issues

As classical advertising outlets such as print and television has become less productive, from the decrease in viewerships and readership, more consumers have turned to social media platforms, for example, TikTok and Instagram, for news, and entertainment, and information in regards for advice in making purchase decisions.

However, there are a few main issues that can occur due influencer marketing. As known influencer gets recognition in working with popular brands while having the chance to get involved in good opportunities while also getting support and financial security form the agencies. This may trigger some of their followers to think that this specific ad is just published because an influencer gets paid for it, not because they truly believe in it.  This often may happen with new followers, who have not still reached to that trustful level yet. So as an influencer it is extremely important to know how to bring the content to a consumer in a way that it is and feels genuine. Another thing is that when an influencers contents gets to the point where all they posts  is about other brands. As a new influencer you have to know the reasons why people have started to follow you, and when you do get more and more recognition, it is easy to get a little too needy and accept all kinds of partnerships with brands. For a follower/consumer that has followed you for a longer time this may seem more of an red flag.

Another issue of influencer marketing would be the access to fake followers and likes. A significant value of influencer marketing is the audience that the consumer achieves, so a big fan base is worth more to brands. It was then found that some influencer would end up buying followers that could make them more money. The issue that brands later acknowledge is that the engagement rate fall as real or fake followers count grows. Brands are paying billions all over annually to promote their products through influencers who have a considerable following on top social media sites. But for a few years now, it has been suggested that a good amount of their spending, those advertisers are getting ripped off.

The most important reason as to what is changing the way businesses work is new innovations and so marketers are testing diverse way in which they can raise awareness and draw in more customer, one of them being influencer marketing.