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You get what you think of

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The Secret was written by Rhonda Byrne. The Secret is a book about how people should think and feel differently about things because how you feel and what you think of will be what you get, many times. According to the author, many popular business people have taken into use the so-called secret and therefore have been able to be successful. The book includes many ways how the secret can be useful and many different examples about it too.

The so called secret advice referred in the book is the law of attraction. According to the book, if you can master the law of attraction, you will succeed. In a nutshell, the law of attraction means that if you think of something, it is very likely that it will happen. This is why you should focus on thinking positively about things rather than thinking everything from the negative side. No matter are your thoughts positive or negative, they will attract happenings to you. If you are able to think positive, positive things will happen. This is very briefly what the law of attraction basically is.

This really isn’t something that our business should take into use, but something that every individual should consider. As the book is a self-help book, it is meant for individuals. I would say that it takes quite a long time to learn the way how we should think and learn how to focus on the important thoughts and leave the unimportant thoughts behind. If our team members had positive thoughts from the very beginning and knew where to focus on, we might have done better in some of our projects. For example, the clothing project that we are working on at the moment. If every one of us would have focused on the positive thoughts and attracted positive vibes, we might have done better in the beginning.

On the other hand, I find the method thought in the book quite weird and time consuming as you should think what you think, basically. But maybe this becomes easier after you have got the hang of it and you have maybe even succeeded a few times with the law of attraction. I don’t know, I might try using it for a few days and see what will happen.

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