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Blogiessee: Winning Culture of Proakatemia

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This essay is published on the blog of Academic Adventures: http://academicadventures.fi/2019/02/19/winning-culture-of-proakatemia/


Winning Culture of Proakatemia

Ever since I was little, I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. All I have ever known for sure is that I want to keep on learning. There really isn’t a school named for just that. But I think I have found it. I am starting my final year of studies at Proakatemia and I feel like one of the biggest things I take with me is the ability to learn and develop myself – belief in my own ability to grow.

What has led me to that?

The answer is people. My team, our coach as well as other students and coaches – the whole community of Proakatemia that is unlike any other. It’s like our very own magical Hogwarts with a unique culture of its own.

The power of your mindset

The key to everything is trust and believing in yourself and others. For me it is important to surround myself with people who share a similar mindset – to go outside of your comfort zone, face challenges and aim higher. The trust in myself has strengthened during my time at Proakatemia by the influence of the environment.

As kids we have amazing confidence to try new things and only little doubt if we can make it. We fail something over and over again and still try again. When we grow up most of us become cautious and start to question our abilities. Maybe try something once or twice and then give up.

What happened to believing in ourselves?

In her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (2006) psychologist Carol Dweck describes the impact of your own mindset on how you succeed or don’t. She introduces two categories: fixed mindset and growth mindset. Briefly introduced their definitions are:

Fixed mindset – a person believes, that one’s intelligence is static and your abilities are fixed. They focus on things they are already good at. They feel others as threats to their success.

Growth mindset – a person believes that intelligence and abilities can be developed. They embrace challenges and don’t give up after facing setbacks. They find inspiration from other people’s successes.

I think that a big part of Proakatemia’s magic is the environment itself which encourages people to foster growth mindset. The freedom that coaching gives us as students at its best is that it makes us self-driven and motivated. It encourages us to reflect on our actions and learning. Independence in studies gives us courage supported by the community that sets no limits to what you can or can not do.

Other people’s successes are genuinely celebrated and seen as opportunities for others to learn from. Failing is encouraged because it is seen as a natural and important part of the learning process. People believe in themselves and in others and most importantly show it openly in the community.

I learned quite soon as I started at Proakatemia, that there are much more open doors for me in life than I thought there were. It is all up to myself which door to choose and choosing one would still keep the other ones open.

There are no closed doors – just an abundance of possibilities.

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