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Affiliate marketing has spread all over the internet. Whenever there’s a content from some celebrity, famous youtuber or blogger, be sure that there’s a link in that content that leads internet browsers to some page to buy some product or service. The most important part is that some of them is aware of the name of that link, that its named “affiliate link”. And some of them is just doing affiliate marketing in their content or profiles. However, they all know that it’s an important way to make money from what they are doing.

Even before the internet came to existence, people were doing affiliate marketing unconsciously in the past. They were attending events building networks among each other to be able to help another attendee to get to sell a service or product for other people. Which means that it includes a third party between the buyer and the seller, and that guy is the marketer. It wasn’t that obvious in the past, but when the internet came, the niches were divided precisely.

Today, the internet brought more advantages to these affiliates which made their job much easier than it used to be. Especially with the social media that connects everybody around the world, which makes it easy to anyone to connect with anyone else. Also, the websites are more developed than they used to be. Now, they work with what is called cookies, which collect information about the visitors of certain website like the searches they made on the website, so they know what recommend next time that visitor opens that website again.

Some people, by mistake, might not distinguish between affiliate marketing and E-commerce or drop shipping. However, the biggest difference that anyone can notice is that the affiliate marketer only leads you to a page where you buy from other business owner in another website, which means that there’s no responsibility for shipment, payment, or maintenance of the product. In the other hand, the drop shipping and e-commerce are the ones who are selling the product, they follow up with the costumer, and more than that, they might pay affiliate marketer that can get costumers to their checkout pages and give percentage to the affiliate agent.


Referral marketing has been around for hundreds of years. Before the Internet, people probably attended networking events and handed out business cards. Hopefully they will be able to help another attendee by giving them a lead that leads to a purchase. The participant that has been helped lead will reciprocate. In a sense, referral marketing is a value exchange that can be summed up as “you help me, and I will help you” (John 2020).

Much of what remains, however, is opportunity. Marketer is unlikely that the cards and leads he gives out will lead to reciprocal benefits from the people he has helped. There’s no easy way to track when to buy and the source of referrals for those purchases. The Internet has changed everything. Now there is an easy-to-use tracking mechanism (cookies) that can tell when the purchase was made, what it was used for, and the referrer owes the affiliate commission.

The internet’s value exchange is the same as it was with networking events and business cards. The blogger or website owner demonstrates a new product, explains an issue you’re having in a post, or persuades you to purchase software. To repay the favor, the affiliate marketer hopes you will make a purchase through one of his referral links. The cost to the purchaser who purchases through an affiliate link is the same as if he purchased directly from the manufacturer (John 2020).

When we visit websites and they provide solutions to problems we are experiencing or otherwise assist us, we want to reciprocate and assist them. We accomplish this by making purchases through their affiliate connections (John 2020).


As mentioned earlier, one of the problems with previous versions of referral marketing was the inability to accurately track purchases and initial referrals that were eligible for a reward for the purchase. The Internet has changed everything. Cookies or small code systems stored in your browser and affiliate panels may track purchases. Cookies may also track affiliate marketers who promoted those sales to receive credits and affiliate commissions. The

company likes a marketing system where you have to pay for this marketing only after a sale is made. The seller (the marketing partner in this case) pays all marketing costs (at least the minimum cost of hosting, software, tools, domain registration, etc.). What’s wrong with loving business? More and more companies are engaging in affiliate marketing. Thus, the revenue opportunities for affiliate marketers expand as the affiliate program grows.

The Internet also multiplies your profit opportunities due to the size of your Internet audience that you can easily and economically access. Depending on your product or service, potential customers may vary for millions of huge audiences, which are exactly looking for what you have to offer. In the past, you will not be able to be realized or you will not be able to search for and advertise these small, scattered groups economically.

Anti-Internet Marketing Representatives can potentially promote millions or millions of potential buyers in hundreds of millions. 24 hours a day, 24 hours a week and a product or service marketer proposal. Visitors Internet access can be purchased 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Basically, affiliate marketing “shops” are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (John 2020).


There are many different ways to make money online, and it seems like you make money in a new way every day. For example, there are those who develop Internet marketing programs and strategies for both large and small businesses. Programmers develop software and plugins used by affiliate marketers. Freelancers who develop skills in writing, web design, graphics, and more offer hiring services on sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork. There are ways closely related to making money, such as digital marketing, developing online marketing campaigns and strategies for businesses. This book also discusses various affiliate marketing options. One of the key differences between affiliate marketing and other forms of online income is that, with a few exceptions, affiliate marketers do not design, build, package, or deliver their products. It simply acts as a “referrer” to introduce new products or services to customers. When a sale is made, the marketing partner receives a commission.

One criticism lies on the fact that the committee is lower than other forms of affiliate marketing. Another fragrance of affiliate marketing. We are discussed in this book. Digital products. Most of them are often one of the tools or courses that are used by other affiliate marketers for use in business development. The advantage of this marketing scent is that the committee is usually much higher. Sales prices can vary from 25% to 75%. The downside of this type of marketing is that it’s probably more competitive as it attracts other affiliate marketers with more experience and skills than you. The potential market, or “hungry crowd,” is also much smaller.


Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular among businesses. Affiliate marketing “stores” are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Representatives have the capacity to market millions, if not billions, of potential consumers. Because of the magnitude of your audience, the Internet doubles your business prospects. Affiliate marketers do not create, construct, package, or transport their own items.


Instead, they serve as a “referrer” to customers, introducing them to new products or services. For this sort of marketing, sales prices might range from 25% to 75%.




Although it previously had a private affiliate program, Amazon first brought affiliate marketing to the public in 1996 through its Associate program. Through this affiliate program, Amazon has provided affiliates with code links for thousands of products. An employee posted one of these links on his website and received a referral fee when a purchase was made. Amazon still has a very large and growing community of partners.

Affiliate Marketing is constantly changing to adapt and accommodate new opportunities. The growth of social media has been tremendous, thanks to sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. In fact, some people use Facebook or Instagram pages to do all their affiliate marketing. (Note: some affiliate marketers believe that the need for a website is no longer the case with the soaring importance of social media. However, having a website still has some unique advantages.)

If people are not already into affiliate marketing, the only question is: Why not? Low financial risk. Also, they don’t have to pledge their houses as collateral. they can become a part-time or full-time affiliate marketing partner and fit into their existing lifestyle.

Almost every blogger, every celebrity, every website, every company on the internet today, whether they are aware or not, is affiliate marketing. All of them earn money every day in this mostly passive way of earning extra income. There is this ad on your favorite movie star’s blog? Clicking on it will reward you with stars. See her recommendation or link at the end of her review? Click on her and make a purchase and she will get paid. There is also this link on someone’s Facebook or other social media page or email? Be sure that Someone gets money.


Today, starting a traditional business is quite difficult. This requires a lot of money and a lot of time. Some people invest their savings to start a business. Starting a business requires many labor-intensive steps such as product development, prototyping, marketing, etc. There are many legal complexities and rules. It can take years to start a traditional business. Then, after starting a business, they sucked up all the money and spent all their time in life, but sad statistics show that 80% of new ventures fail.

Here are some basic requirements for starting a traditional business (Ted & Soul 2020):

  • Participation in market research and product development: First, you need to do extensive market research. After all, you don’t want to spend all your time and money developing a product that nobody cares about. If the research results are promising, significant time must be invested in product development, whether the product is digital or physical.
  • Meet legal and regulatory mandates: Business starter must navigate a complex web of regulatory, compliance and regulatory barriers. For example, if you are starting a traditional business, one of your first legal questions is: what kind of business structure do you want? One type of corporation, LLC (limited liability company), sole proprietorship? Each type of business structure has its own requirements for record-keeping, registration, and regulations that you must follow. Then comes consideration the impact of taxes. Because of all these intricacies, it’s best to hire a legal advisor to help you navigate the traditional commercial waters.
  • Prototyping: Prototyping often involves multiple builds and iterations of the development process, finding flaws and errors. Then you prototype another version based on previous tests, and you can test it by consumer groups in focus groups. Many iterations of building and testing cost time and money. Focus groups coming together to critique your product don’t come cheap, either.
  • Customer Acquisition: It is time for your rubber product to launch. That is, time for all the work you put into building your traditional business to start manufacturing and profit.

As we learned in the previous section, traditional businesses typically require a lot of time and money. People usually don’t work part-time because they are making a significant investment. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, can offer many advantages over starting a traditional business for those looking to earn extra income, as mentioned in the next section (Jake 2021).

  • Start instantly

Affiliate marketing can be an instant business on any smartphone. Because of the ability to earn affiliate commissions by promoting products or services developed by others, which eliminates the struggle with starting a traditional business as detailed earlier in this chapter. There are millions of physical products and thousands of digital products and services to choose from.  This offers the potential visitor a wider selection and increases the chance that one of the products or services offered will be the one.

  • Choose path and lifestyle

Computers and internet connections allow people to set working hours and plan working hours. It also provides opportunities for part-time jobs that fit people’s lifestyles. Also, some people quit their jobs to continue their lifestyle and work full-time. However, this does not mean that anyone can quit their job just because he makes money with such advantage.

  • No need to develop a product

There is no product you have to pack, label, or ship. If there is a problem with shipment or a refund request, the entity doing the fulfillment takes care of it all. Affiliate marketers are promoting products or services produced by others. You get a commission just to introduce it to others. There is no need to do the product development or prototyping as described in the previous section.

  • Automated payment and accounting

Accepting and processing payments and maintaining bookkeeping are other aspects of a streamlined affiliate marketing business. When it all started, it was about authorizing the seller’s status and creating a payment gateway. It was difficult to get approval, and the seller’s status was like gold because it was only a payment method. Today, it’s as easy as embedding a “buy” button on your site from Amazon or other partner companies. PayPal payment setup is also very easy. Many affiliate marketing companies are already ready to use PayPal buy buttons.


Affiliate marketing can bring huge benefits to advertising companies and affiliate marketers. Companies benefit from partners’ low-cost advertising and creative marketing efforts, and partners receive additional income and promotions. The return on investment in affiliate marketing is high because the company only pays for traffic that is converted into revenue. Advertising costs, if any, are borne by the partner.

Advertising companies set the terms for affiliate marketing programs. Previously, most businesses paid for clicks (traffic) or mile (impressions) on their banner ads. As technology advances, the focus has been on actual sales or commissions from qualified leads. Early affiliate marketing programs were vulnerable to fraud because clicks, like impressions, could be generated by software.

Most affiliate programs now have strict conditions for attracting leads. There are also certain prohibited methods such as installing adware or spyware that redirect all product searches to affiliate pages. Some affiliate marketing programs even offer a way to discuss products or services in your content before validating affiliate links.

Therefore, an effective affiliate marketing program requires prior consideration. The terms and conditions should be clearly stated, especially if the contract is paid for traffic rather than sales. Affiliate marketing scams are possible.

Unscrupulous affiliates may assign misspelled domain names and receive redirection fees. They can fill out online registration forms with fake or stolen information and buy AdWords for search queries that the company has already ranked high on. Even if the conditions are clear, affiliate marketing programs need someone to monitor their affiliates and enforce the rules.



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