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What makes Futurice and GoFore working environments

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A good working environment is important to a company because it shows the employees’ motivation, health, productivity, satisfaction, working culture, and retention. It can play a great role when a company is recruiting new people or in how long an employee stays in the company. 

During SYNTRE’s learning journey, we were able to have company visits to Futurice and Gofore. After visiting both of the companies it was highly promoted by our teams (SYNTRE and Novio) that both of their working environment was impressive and based on the way the company presentative talked about their employees and the benefits their employees had, it was highly promoted that for them the employee’s satisfaction was important and that they try to make their employee enjoys their working environment and create a strong working culture. Let’s dive more into how these companies provide this good image and environment to their employees and what are the factors behind it. Focusing on learning how to create a good working environment in a company. 

Employee Empowerment

Both companies are committed to trusting their employees and show that trust by encouraging them to take ownership of their work and make decisions independently. The decisions can be made without having to deal with long decision-making times and things can be solved effectively without checking in with your supervisor about all the things. This sense of trustworthiness makes employee trust their company more and make them feel wanted and at ease. 

In Futurice we were explained how all the starting employees get access to the company’s credit card on their first day, no matter if they are summer interns or developers all, are treated the same. One of the summer interns in Futurice was explaining how he was handed the credit card and asked to go buy food for the office with it, in his first week of working. He said that he felt really honored and trusted to be given a company card like that without needing to sign any papers or give a specific amount or list what he needs to buy or how much money he has to spend. This a great example of how to show as a company that you trust your employees to make the right decisions. 

Couraging employees to take ownership of their projects also shows companies’ way of encouraging employees and trusting them. It also will help the employee feel more attached to the work they are doing. Making them work on it harder as their name is on it and they know they are trusted. 

Employee empowerment plays a big role when building trust between the company and employees as well as getting employees motivated and productive. It also helps to create a positive working culture among the workers.


Both of the companies highlight their culture and values in the company. They do differ from each other in value slightly different things, bringing a bit different cultures to the workplaces when compared.

In Futurice, there is very a unique atmosphere and culture, that makes you feel like a part of a tight community. The company values are openness, transparency, and collaboration. It shows in a way where the employees are encouraged together to share ideas, give and receive feedback, and work together to solve problems. This openness and communication with others creates a sense of belonging and is often said to be the main reason for employee satisfaction. Because you are not only gaining colleagues but also friends. Many employees throw different get-togethers or start a club with the people who they work with. There for valuing openness, transparency, and collaboration, the company is able to create a community-wide working culture, where employees share and care for each other.

In Gofore the company also has a strong culture that values openness and transparency, but they differ in valuing innovation. This leads the company to prioritize sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility. You can see their commitment to these values, as they have published blogs and a book regarding it. Strong values also lead people with similar interests and talents to apply for a job there. Bringing together people with the same interests and values to work together. Employees are able to write about things that they value or keep important in the company’s blog. Making the employees engage on topics they feel are important and showing the outside world what the company’s employees think and value.

Interesting is that one change in values can make a big difference in the company culture. As one makes a strong belonging culture and another connects people by a strong commitment to prioritize sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility in their employees

Continues Learning

In a rapidly changing world, it is important to keep your employees sharp and on top of their game. One way companies can make sure their employees are on top of the newest technology and theories is to educate and provide education for their employees. This also keeps the employees happier as they are able to explore even further on their knowledge and improve their skill sets.

Both companies believe continuous learning to be one of the key elements for a more engaged and motivated workforce. Therefore both of the companies encourage their employees to learn by offering training and development opportunities and even at least Futurice mentoring. These opportunities are regularly provided and encouraged to be used by the employees.


Work-life balance

Flexibility is needed when working with people. Because people have different needs and preferences when it comes to working arrangements. Showing care and understanding helps the employee connect with the company and feel cared for.

Both companies recognize the different needs of employees and provide flexible solutions for them. They are flexible on working hours and schedules. As also employees are able to work remotely if needed or wanted. 

This flexibility helps employees to balance their work and life balance because they are able to arrange their work according to their life when needed and not the other way around. This was shown in a way that employees seemed less stressed and enjoying the freedom of choosing their working place.


Working together

Humans are social creatures and therefore working together can improve their satisfaction on the job. It also allows more innovation and easies problem-solving. 

In both companies, collaboration, and team working are important skills to have. Because employees are encouraged to work together and help each other out. So no one is left alone with their struggles and things get solved together to benefit the company and employees.


Diversity and Inclusion

One of the biggest things where Futurice and Gofore differ is that Futurice is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Meaning they seek out diverse candidates. They also pay attention that every one of their employees feels comfortable and respected in the workplace. Even though Gofore also aims to be diverse they do not promote as highly as Futurice. 



Futurice and Gofore are technology companies that have accomplished great working surroundings for their employees by empowering their employees, highlighting values, encouraging continuous learning, and practicing team working and transparency. These many factors are the reason why their employees are satisfied with their working place and company.




Company visit Futurice office in Tampere

Futurice websites:

The futurice culture – https://futurice.com/about/culture

Futurice culture handbook 2.0

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Futurice – https://futurice.com/about/diversity-equity-inclusion

GoFore websites:

Rakennamme Eettistä Digimaailmaa – https://gofore.com/kulttuuri/vastuullisuus/

Kulttuuri – https://gofore.com/kulttuuri/



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