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Weekly Overview

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In SYNTRE I have posted weekly overlook of the next week to help teammates keep track of what is happening and where. This is to help with communication and help them to see where they are expected to join or what options there are for the upcoming week. It has similarities to the monthly newsletter that companies use. The weekly overviews have been in SYNTRE’s organization since spring and were then posted usually on Sundays. For the autumn semester of 2022, it was agreed with the team that it is posted either on Thursday or latest Friday, so teammates are able to organize the upcoming week and not check it on the weekend. For me, I wanted to make the overview look visually nice and informative for the teammates and add variations of activities to bring more value and inspiration. I will go over the structure and the reason for the form. As well as what does the overview contain and what it looks like.  

For this, I have chosen a week 43 overview. In beloved, you are able to see the layout in teams and how I have done it. To make the layout I used the shape tool in the team posting.   

Now we are going to break it into smaller parts and observe the little things I see value in it. 



The heading should be clear and easily readable. In a weekly overview, it should only contain the week number you are referring to. So it is easy for the teammates to find the information regarding the week and if they need to look back on weeks they can see what has happened in the referred week. 


An intro is a good way of summarizing the changes happening and notifying the team about them. It is mostly regarding changes or things that are not related to a specific day or time. For example, if the team’s coach is away for the week or if there are many sickness cases in the team. It is a way to bring awareness and pass down the key points of the week. One should remember to keep these intros short to not “bore” people reading them or make them lose interest in it. Because if it is too long continuously it loses its value in it.  

In the example above we can see that the Syysloma has ended and that people are welcomed back to “school” life. Also there I wanted to bring awareness about fall depression that might happen when the daylight is getting shorter and the temperature colder. So teammates would pay attention to their own energy levels. It communicates positivity and tries to make starting “school” again after a break feels good.  

Hold the right to change 

For me, it was essential to include this “right” for changes in the post. Because there is always a possibility for human errors and this little sentence guarantees you to make changes to the text. It also helps to avoid conflict and misunderstandings. Even though something says things there is always a possibility for changes and human mistakes. Sometimes at the time of the posting, all the information needed for example where is the team meeting held was not available so it gives the rights for the writer of the post to make changes to the text and complete it. A lot of organizations use this sentence when they post things to their social media regarding schedules or events. 

Messaging about the important  

Information that is important needs immediate action or is abnormal should be clearly communicated and made to pop out from the other text. For this is good to use either color, underline, or bolding the text.  In the example above the sentence “For Proakatemia day, we need to have a stand” was underlined because it was something that required immediate finalizing and action from the team.  


I chose to make a list of what is happening and when in chronological order and only include things that are either expected to participate or would benefit them or are organized by Proakatemia students/community.  

The way and reason for using emojis are to get the eye’s attention and make it easier to read and observed. Because the human eye is more drawn to colors and shapes, using emojis makes spotting for information more easier. The structure is that first is an emoji that represents the topic, then is the topic/event, then comes emoji to separate the text and show the date of the event, after that the time of the event is presented, and last the place where the event is held. With these four key points, a person is able to get the most important information regarding the event. Underneath is put the complementary information regarding the topic/event such as a link to the team’s post where there is the full information about the event. I have added a Finnish flag after the topic/event to let know if the event is held in Finnish only. 

Voluntary events 

After the important information and events are stated the text is separated with a line and there is a list of voluntary webinars and events that are happening in that week to motivate people to join them and bring awareness that they are happening. Mostly this information is taken from Visit Tampere sights, Kide.app, or teams.  

Thank you

Making it this way does take from half an hour to an hour to make. It requires constant checking of teams’ channels and keeping their own calendar in order. While it works it is rewarding and helps to keep track of what is going on. Here was how I have made the weekly overviews in SYNTRE’s team and why I have chosen to do it this way. Hopefully, you are able to get some tips or inspiration from this.  




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