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This is part 2 of the laws that are from the laws

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There are many personal qualities that make up each piece of legislation, and not all of these qualities are easily recalled. The ones that I think are significant and worthwhile will be highlighted. Knowing these characteristics will help you better understand both yourself and the people around you, even if you do not need to memorise every one of them. Your dark side is confronted by law 9, the law of suppression.


People are rarely who they seem to be; everyone has a darker side. To fit in and gain acceptance, we conceal these qualities. The renowned psychologist Carl Jung calls it the shadow. The shadow exists in our subconscious and may come to the surface at stressful or insecure moments. Prominent indications of the shadow side An example of contradictory behaviour is when someone promotes rules and then disobeys them.

Emotional outbursts: a person who loses self-control easily

Vehement denial, for example, a person who goes against power and control but secretly desires them

Overidealization: a person who uses a good cause to act in a bad manner.

Unintentional behaviour: when someone drinks too much and expresses their actual feelings A projection occurs when someone claims that another person wants sex, money, or power when, in reality, it is what they themselves really want. There are seven common empathic features; I will only discuss the ones that I can identify in myself or others.

To hide the delicate and sensitive side they are so terrified of, the tough guys display their flirtatious side. The saints radiate righteousness and purity, but as soon as they get a taste of power, they rapidly misuse it. The charmer who is passive-aggressive and passive-nice will initially act quite kind but will later spread rumours behind other people’s backs. Although it is a strong word to use, these folks deserve to be called hateful. They have the power to destroy a friendship group as well as your career or academic career. It is considered a grave offence in Islam to speak ill of others behind their backs, or backbite.

The extreme entrepreneur is incredibly detail-oriented and appears to enjoy independence; ultimately, their failure to listen and assign tasks to others proves to be fatal; they secretly wish for others to look after them. You can change from letting your shadows control you to taking charge of them once you’ve explored and come to terms with them. This can have a positive impact on both you and those around you. It appears that philosophers place a great deal of importance on the dark side, or shadow. People who are fascinated by it, like Jordan Peterson, talk about it a lot.

See the shadow, identify and monitor what things make you touchy and insecure, what is causing your shadow to show, and what you are trying to hide. Embrace your shadow; it is part of your personality.

“Be more assertive and compromise less.”

I would love to read more on it and write a essay about it but I think it is something that isn’t as big as some people say it is, it is controlling yourself and the animalistic behavior we all have.

Law 10, the law of envy, says: beware the fragile ego.

Envy is the trickiest of human emotions; you need to be able to distinguish passive envy from active envy before you can understand its nuances.

Signs of envy.

Microexpressions: You should focus more on your eyes because they are linked to jealousy. Envy can be distinguished in a few ways. Telling someone you think is an envier some good news and observing their tone of voice and microexpressions is the technique. You’ll see the tiny microexpressions of happiness as you share part of your misfortune with them.

Poisonous praise: they will find a way to compliment you while laced with irony and casual comments meant to unnerve you and cast doubt on your skills. If you happen to hear a bad story about yourself being shared, that should be enough to make you aware that gossip is sometimes used as a cover for envy. One form of envy is bullying; the bully feels jealous of you because of what they don’t have. This is an example of active envy, just like gossiping.

The people close to you who know you better and know your weaknesses are more likely to envy you.

Envier types: here are 5 common varieties of envious people, how they describe themselves, and how they attack.

When the leveller sees you rising above them, they want to pull you down. The conceited slacker feels entitled to everything, yet they don’t put in the effort or the time to get it because they doubt their capacity to succeed. Look out for people who would sooner cling to their positions of authority than make the sacrifices necessary to accomplish tasks. They don’t seem envious to me; they work in their own unique way, and they can contribute significantly to a team; therefore, I’m not sure why they are among the five typical types of jealous people.

Individuals take great pride in their position, and some even use it to define who they are. These folks might inquire about your financial situation, assess your social standing, and express jealousy for what they lack. Try to minimise everything that could cause jealousy. Attacher: These individuals are envious rather than enamoured of the wealthy and successful. They detest the idea that this person is receiving more than them despite their best efforts, but they want to be associated with the high achiever in order to share in the attention the achiever receives.

The insecure master: for some people, having a high position increases their insecurities. Keep an eye out for signs of insecurity or envy among those above you.

“Gratitude is the best antidote to envy”, Engage in downward comparison; instead of always looking up to people who have more than you, look for people lesser than you, not with a superior manner but with a gratitude manner, and be appreciative of what you have.

Law 12: The law of gender rigidity Reconnect with the masculine or feminine in you.

Types of gender projection: when we experience them, attempt to identify them in yourself. The woman who finds herself captivated by an older, more successful man who can entice her with gifts and attention is known as the diabolical romantic. After deciding to pursue a love relationship with him, she eventually realises that his amorous qualities and male strength are not what she had anticipated.

The elusive woman of perfection, The man who thinks he has found the perfect women, although he hasn’t had a lot of encounter with the women in question, he can imagine all kinds of positive encounter with her in the future. His character is not what he thought it would be she deceived him and he goes and tries to project his fantasies on the next women. Often, men susceptible to this projection grew up without a supportive mother, a mother of this sort might have expected her son to give her the attention and support she was lacking from her husband.

The lady who finds love in the company of men who despise authority is the charming rebel. Unlike the diabolical romantic, this man is typically young and inexperienced. Women who present this image have a strong, patriarchal parent who is severe and aloof.

The fallen lady is a guy drawn to the antithesis of the decent, submissive, and reliable person he once was. Because they were raised by powerful mothers, males of this kind tend to be attracted to women who are bad, defective, or from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic strata. He wants to save her, but as time goes on, he comes to see that she isn’t who he had anticipated.

The better man, and the woman who finds the better man attractive His strength and self-assurance are contagious. She prefers to look for these qualities in men since she is unable to develop her own strength or confidence. Men attracted to younger women, whom he could command, were drawn to her.

He is ambitious and motivated, and even though his life is difficult, the woman ought to adore him. Something appears to be missing from his life. There is this woman who is kind, considerate, and conversational with him. He sets himself up to be the mother figure in order to get their admiration, support, and ego boost.



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