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The start of a renovation project

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We have a house renovating project that we started just in the fall of this year.  We started to renovate an old granary building into an accommodation. This building has been previously used as a storage place so now we have been organizing and emptying it, we have also started to tear up the inside walls made out of timber which were coverd by cardboards. I have previous experience only from outside building and building a kitchen island at my parents’ house. Therefore, this project will be a jump into the unknown waters but I look forward to it.

We have a couple of bigger parts that must be looked at by a professional, we would probably need to have the floor tin replaced but it is not urgent right now since the roof is not leaking and we will do the insulation of the rood after the windows, flooring and wall insulation. But most of the work in a small building we can do ourselves by asking questions and doing research.

Everything starts with the frame of the house. A frame is the skeleton of a house and the base for everything. It has to be done well. If the frame is done well, it provides the necessary support for everything that follows whereas if the frame is weak, nothing can hide the flaws, the walls will eventually start to crack when a door shuts, the quarter sawn oak floors will begin to squeak like a rusty spring and the heavy kitchen countertops will fall out of level.

The next important part are windows and insulation.

I came across an old house restoration project t which is an old house from the 1800s, this company was helping the owners restore the old and tired house to its previous glory. This historic house will be fully restored, and the couple will move in it full time. The wood beams and floors from the 1800´s will be reused. It was interesting to see how the restoration was started and how the old frames and such were utilized.

I find this very interesting because our small Makasiini -project is house restoration, the building is not as old as in the videos of the Cape Ann Gambrel house but the frame will not be changed and the original planks from the walls will be used as flooring. We would like it to be cozy and functional but at the same tie to have the history preserved well in it, so it would be like a time travel to the olden times. We want to restore the old house with respect for the history it holds within. It would be great to have some aspects of the previous use of the building as a granary.


Wooden house renovation

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