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The Nine Week Cut

Kirjoittanut: Carlos Gómez Leo - tiimistä Avanteam.

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The Nine Week Cut.
Written by Carlos Gomez
” Do not live as if you have ten thousand years left. Your fate hangs over you. While you are still living, while you still exist on this Earth, strive to become a genuinely great person. “–Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor.
Experiencing the vast depth of uncertainty during a pandemic could not have come in a better time for trying new challenges. Overall improving oneself and overcoming obstacles is one of the big pleasures in life. It just makes individuals feel good, releasing even a small amount of dopamine. Accomplishing goals and noticing real changes. This is the nine-week cut, a concise report on how to cut based on personal experience. Body fat cut framework Rising time: Alarm set at 07:00to wake up. Resting time: Alarm set at 22:45 to sleepTotal amount of sleeping hours: 8hrs 15 min with a variable of 30min. Sticking to a 1750-1850 calorie food intake in which the main focus is the prioritisation of protein and vegetables, following closely the intake of compound carbohydrates and fats while exercising for 6 days and resting on Sundays.Regarding workouts the format will remain as leg, push, pull, leg, push, pull. Including abdominal exercises in a every second day basis workout.(Due to the current Covid-19 situation it is recommended to keep workouts at home and boost cardio in any chance given). All this to reach the goal of reducing fat in abdominal area and body fat in general while minimising the loss of muscle already built in the past 6 months. Week1-Week 9 schedule with a diet break of 1 week on week 4 9:15 Breakfast 11:15 Snack 13:15 Lunch15:15 Snack17:15 Dinner 21:15 Snack
Macronutrients Foods are divided easily into what their nutritional factors indicate, within the nutritional factors there can be found macronutrients and micronutrients. These two categories build up any of the foods people eat on a daily basis. Each food consumed contains a caloric value. Calorie is a unit of energy, the human body needs calories to function, the brain needs calories to think, the heart needs calories to pump blood, in other words all the human body organs need calories to function. Without doing any physical activity calories are burnt. Just by the sole fact of existing. Back to the important part macronutrients are divided in 3 main names which are: Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats.(Thomas, 2007)It is highly probable than when tracking macronutrients, micronutrients will follow too; whereas calories might differ unfortunately with a plus or minus depending on several factors.Trackers and indicators Tracking macronutrients can be a difficult task and not all people believe in the accuracy of the given free tools available in the market. The best alternative of all the ones in the market has to be MyFitnessPal powered by the brand Underarmor which allows the user to plan accordingly to his/her goals, with a friendly interface. (MyFitnessPal, 2020)There is an available photo barcode scanner which makes easier the information retrieval from any food bought from any food store.
Following and reaching the desired number of calories with the needed number of macros will result in different indicators of the real situation. The 3 main indicators are, dropping a few pounds visible in the balance, visible changes in the mirror and different measurements while taken measurements with metric lace. Reaching calories and macros There is an example of how would filling the application would look like in order to see that the macros had been reached as well as the calories. This overtime will let the interested people know throughout time if following strictly the plan paid off. The logging of such food has to happen on a daily basis trying to have the least gap between calories. Also making sure the macronutrients are being reached.
Incorporating exercise while cuttingIn the following image it can be observed the evolution of the weight loss in which the individual, in this case myself has encountered different disjunctives in the journey of the nine-week cut. Implementing a cardio base form of exercise and a less targeted weightlifting routine due to the global pandemic. The implementation of home workouts was advised and taken into account but failed on having a proper tracker of such. Marked in dark green will be shown the days in which the exercise was implemented. Conclusions & Results The results are still inconclusive since the 9-week cut break has not come to an end, the lack of complete information makes it hard to have a complete and objective opinion where the real numbers can be shown. Overall the experience on reducing calories while applying physical exercises follow a pattern where the direction is almost certain on a success. Furthermore, participating in such calorie reduction will affect with random mood swings specially when not counting with immediate mechanisms to get the bigger picture. The achievement on this personal goal has to work alongside other aspects of the individual’s life, the tendency is nevertheless a chain effect. This meaning succeeding in this type of small goals enhance a better performance in other colloquial activities such as work and studies.
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