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The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It (Michal E.Gerber).

Kirjoittanut: Aleksandr Dolgin - tiimistä Kaaos.

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Every person who is tired of working for his boss, wants to create his own business, he thinks that he is no worse than the rest, I can do better. At your previous job, you were the best employee that everyone is delighted with. But it’s worth considering whether you can cope with management skills, whether you will be able to be a leader who is obeyed and respected. Otherwise, you’ll have to do everything yourself, because you can’t rely on anyone, in which case the business will go to zero. But in no case do not get upset, everyone, if desired, can achieve success and develop their skills the pre-acceptor.

The main part and my observations.

In the text I have proposed for analysis, the author discusses the opening of his small business and its problems.

The writer explained everything clearly and intelligibly about this material.

Everyone will face problems when starting a business, but only those who try to overcome them and take risks will succeed. Even if you are a successful employee who does your job best, you will not be able to successfully manage the company, because at the same time everyone should not forget about the skills of an entrepreneur and a manager. You have to be good as an employee, but you still need to achieve a lot to make the business successful. It is also worth understanding that it will not be possible to succeed alone, employees are necessarily needed, for example, someone is responsible for finance, someone is responsible for advertising and so on. Neither one person cannot understand all topics at once .Returning to the skills of an entrepreneur, a manager and an employee, the author argues that these three qualities are struggling in all business personalities and each one of them prevails and wants to defeat the others, but a good company owner must learn to own and cope with each of these skills. The opinion of the writer is absolutely correct, because if, for example, four employees win the rest, then you will only do work all your life, but you will not be able to give orders, make plans and carry them out, without this it is impossible to make a successful business.


The book is read in one breath, everything is shown on very light examples from life. The writer not only talks in his text about how not to succumb to myths about small business, but also gives life examples so that the reader can avoid mistakes when creating a business in the future.

Of the problems, there is only the fact that the author sometimes repeats himself in his thoughts, but thanks to this it is easier for the reader to understand the meaning of the material read.

I am also glad that the book is small and you can read it quickly enough, despite the fact that the text in it is only 36 pages long, the writer managed to convey

all in detail about this topic.

The main elements of the book.

*Planning to create your own business and the secrets of saving finances.

*Destroying myths that can ruin a career.

*Explanation in an accessible language in practice how everything is done .

*It tells about the qualities that a successful entrepreneur should have.

*The book teaches not to lose hope even in the most difficult situations.

*By the example of the heroes of the work, you can learn stress resistance.

Recommendations to the reader.

The author has written a book that is quite small and recommends reading it slowly, carefully considering all the information. Be sure to take into account that a similar situation, as with the heroes of the book, can happen in the life of every person, you need to be prepared for this and adhere to the author’s advice, because they will help you in further business. While reading, a person develops due to the fact that he learns a lot of new things. Only the person himself decides whether he wants to read this book or not, but if you are interested in business, entrepreneurship and finance, then this work is right for you!

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