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The Charm of Radio Advertisements

Kirjoittanut: Tuuli-Emily Liivat - tiimistä SYNTRE.

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Feedback essay I: Hassan and Taru

This essay reviews and provides feedback to Hassan Chakir’s and Taru Jytilä’s essay on radio advertisements.
Understanding how radio advertisements work and how to create them is a dire need of mine, which is why I was particularly pleased to see that instead of using Google or other search engines, a person to whom I look up to has already provided the necessary information in the form of a 3-point essay. The need for information is also a factor to consider in providing feedback as I have high expectations towards the written piece.

The content of the essay was highly enriching and the essay was packed with useful information.
I was particularly happy to see that Hassan and Taru have approached the topic through history and the applicability of the advertisements, which were tied together with the introduction of terms such as sound logos.
Having the statements researched and backed up by data gathered through local radio stations, the writer ensured that the content of the essay would be applicable locally, which added additional value to me as the reader.

Another positive aspect to explore is the possibilities provided by the writer. I found it particularly helpful to see practical guiding questions in shaping the content of the radio advertisement and the vocational vocabulary to get acquainted to.

While the essay provided plenty of useful information, as a reader, I would warmly suggest the use of synonymous words to provide additional formality to the essay layout and running the text through a software (or a helpful friend) for aid with grammatical corrections.

After reading the essay multiple times, I was left wishing to see the essay structured in a more cohesive way, which would have helped the smooth flow of topics into one another.

Overall, the essay left me feeling positive and confident regarding approaching and pitching radio advertisements as a valuable source of marketing and sharing the message with a large amount of people. The questions posed in the essay to consider when writing a radio advertisements are a handy tool that I will definitely be using in the future.

I warmly recommend looking up the essays of both of the writers for thought-provoking content.


Source: Chakir, H., Jytilä, T. 2022. Radio Advertisement. Esseepankki.
Last accessed: 25.04. 2023. https://esseepankki.proakatemia.fi/en/radio-advertisement/



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