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The Business of Personal Training: Reflections

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Chasing Fulfillment

The past couple of years have offered me a chance to work in multiple different fields. These projects have offered me a lot of new knowledge and the chance to network with great people. However, I’ve learned that for me personally, it’s vital that for me to enjoy myself and experience a sense of gratitude, I must love the work that I’m doing. I have known this already for some time, but within the past few years, the feeling has grown even stronger.


Talent and Confidence

I’ve had a dream for quite a while now that I would like to some day have my own line of business in the fitness industry as well as being a personal trainer to take advantage of the knowledge that I’ve gathered over the years. I must say that pursuing that goal has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. I’m confident that I chose the right path and I finally feel that I’m working on something that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Helping people and working with individuals is something that comes quite naturally to me and it felt amazing when I was attending the practical training part of my studies. I got a lot of comments that my style of coaching and communicating felt natural to my training partners and the feedback was quite overwhelming. The highlight of my weekend was when my training partner asked me if I had previously done a lot of coaching, because he felt like I was natural in my role as a personal trainer. That comment really stuck with me and gave me a lot of confidence moving forward on this path.


Focus and Productivity

I want to fully delve into improving my skills with personal training and put it as my focus for quite some time now. I’ve realized that for me to make significant leaps in any pursuit of mine, I must give myself a clear runway to work on. If my plate is too full, I have trouble focusing and making progress. It also affects my overall productivity and mental clarity. I have the tendency to think about unfinished tasks and ongoing projects, which cloud my head if they keep knocking at the back of my head.


Future Goals

My goals for the next six months are to complete the personal training course, get my certificate and begin my career within the field. My goal is to work as a personal trainer full time for the upcoming summer and continue from there. I’m still contemplating whether to practice my skills working at a training center or directly jump into the path of entrepreneurship. I see potential upsides and downsides in both options, however the main objective of improving my skills is accomplished in either path.

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