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The benefits of essay writing

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The writing process of essays for this first semester has been full of different kinds of emotions. From frustration to the winner feeling of getting an essay done even though it seemed mentally impossible at first. The satisfaction of having chosen a topic yourself to write about and turning it into an essay is an amazing feeling. Writing is not my strongest asset and especially writing in English has been something new and challenging for me. The challenge of forcing myself to sit down and start writing has given me valuable insights that I would have never thought writing would give me.

After hearing about the importance of essay writing I can clearly see its benefits for us Proakatemia students. It helps you reflect on your own learning and the guidelines being relatively flexible help you to choose topics of your interest. Time management is one important aspect I learned while writing essays as it would have been very harsh to write all the essays on the last days before the deadline. The benefit of having team-determined checkpoints for essay points is one thing that I must keep a bigger emphasis on for the next semester. This to avoid additional stress when the final deadline is knocking on the door.

Why it is good to write essays?

It is said that writing essays regularly makes you look for new ideas as you most likely are not going to write essays about the same topic one time after another. Essay writing helps also maintain mental performance and it is of great importance for the psycho-emotional state and intellectual development. It benefits both the body and the mind.

Essay writing helps you structure your thinking. Thoughts come and go so writing them down helps you crystallize the ideas and build a logical sequence in your head.

Writing has also therapeutic effects like improving mood, well-being and increasing stress resistance.


Essay writing is not something I enjoy doing. But after having written more of them the mental barrier of not wanting to write essays starts fading away. Not because the essays themselves would become easier to make but because the learning journey they provide motivates you to push through the struggle.




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