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You must have seen many teams with a captain or a person in the lead role, all the team members work hard to make their team perform better.  Although a single person is recognized as the best, the fact that they are nothing without the rest of the team, it was their teamwork that makes them perform well.  Therefore, when a group of people does a task it can be termed as teamwork.  Either it was our fight for freedom or a simple hockey match.  Teamwork is important everywhere.


Good communication skills among team members

Let’s say there are five members in a team and they all follow their leader or senior.  But there should also be freedom to express your thoughts and feelings, a team does not just mean following orders, but they should also be free to express their thoughts and feelings.  This makes a good team and all the members feel that they are really important to the team and because of this they also perform well.

Be clear about your goal It is the responsibility of the team leader to ensure that all members first know what project we are working on and what will need to make things work in a team so will be easier to achieve our common goals What do they actually have to do?  And what can they add to it?  All these things will help others to think in the right direction, otherwise, when a team is not clear it cannot come up with new ideas and ways to accomplish its tasks.

Keep your ego aside: When you are working in a team then you should always keep in mind that your ego should not clash with others because everyone has some ego but when they work together in a team If you do, keep it separate.  There are the basic rules of a team otherwise, a team may not generate profitable ideas.

Work should be assigned according to interest and ability: We all have different abilities and for better results, people should be given work according to their interests.  We should keep on learning but when there is a time limit, we should work smartly for good results. Teamwork is a very important term that describes a lot about coordinating with others.  We can all do our job well but what happens when you ask others to pair up with you.  It sounds normal but it is actually a difficult task because when you pair up with others, we all have to maintain respect and stay away from conflicts.

Not all of us have the same level of patience.  Some will have a dominating nature, while some can be extremely submissive.  But when we talk about a team then here everyone with different personalities should have the same objective. There is always a time limit for a task and when you are in a team you should keep track of the time and complete your task accordingly.  Apart from timing, there are also some other disciplinary actions that must be followed.  We should respect our team leader and other experienced workers because experience speaks more than knowledge.  You may have a lot of knowledge but practical knowledge is something that can save you from failure.

When we make our contribution to complete a task then it is known as teamwork.  We all have different mental abilities and temperaments.  Some of us may tend to dominate others, so when we are on a team, we should take care of our nature and never let our nature hinder our work.  Sometimes due to personal conflicts, we resist and do not like to work with others.

But when we work together and learn, we too can grow like a superpower.  Teamwork is especially seen in offices, where many of us work on a project.  Some of them handle the cost, while some work on the product, some on the presentation, and some on the marketing.  When all of these things come together, the perfect product launch occurs. Sometimes teamwork becomes extremely important as we get a deadline and it is not possible for one person to do all such things at a time.  And a team works together and can get it done as quickly as possible.  A very good example of teamwork can be seen in the construction industry.  You must have also read these examples in your math books where there are 5 workers and they complete a work in ten days and when we increase the number of workers the time automatically decreases.  Here, workers work as a team.

A team is made up of a group of people, it can be anyone be it your co-workers or some friends or business friends.  People work in groups to achieve success in less time.  When you work alone you have to think and implement your plan according to your knowledge.  On the other hand, when you work in a group you get tens of new ideas on which you can implement your plan.

When two or more people work together to do something, it is called teamwork.  There can be an infinite number of people in a team but everyone should be focused on the same goal.  Group work can be seen in a sport, in-office work, completing a school project, in a dance, etc.  All I can say is that when there is little we can do alone, we need someone’s help and together we can do something better.


How to work on a team

We can take the example of a school project, suppose you have to prepare a sample in just two days.  It is certain that some preparation will have to be done for this and when you do all this alone, then there is a high possibility that you will forget something.  And when you do the same thing in a group, then you can distribute it among people.  This way everyone will do their part and they will get it done in a proper way without forgetting anything.  It will

also help you to give better results.  So, I can say that teamwork increases your efficiency.

How does teamwork?


We all have different strategies but a team works on the same strategy with some principles and they are as follows:


 Analyzing the work

First of all, a team should analyze the work and assign the work according to the interest.  It helps us to know how much time it can take and how easily they can do the job.



It is not always possible that we will be successful every time, so instead of feeling sad and disappointed, it is the duty of the head of the team to always motivate the team members.  When we are motivated, it sends positive signals to our brain which directly affects our productivity and creativity.  Therefore, motivation is an important key to success.

Minimizing Conflict

A team should not be full of conflicting thoughts and conflicts; the team will never be able to work.  So, there should be a team leader and all the team members should strictly follow it.  It is the duty of a team leader to take wise decisions to avoid any kind of conflict among the team members.


 Frequent training

A team should be trained at short intervals, on one hand, it helps the team leader to know the updates and on the other hand, he can also help those who are facing any kind of problem in doing any work.  Sometimes a team member has a great idea, then a team leader should organize training for other team members to carry out their tasks in a proper way. Although you are working in a team, every member of the team should be free to think and have their own idea so that they can further enhance their performance.  It will bring out the best of them and will surely make your work look decent and best too.



It all depends on how you adjust with others, the better the adjustment, the better the team.  You must have seen many successful entrepreneurs who have their own wonderful team.  The best example of teamwork is Mr. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.  Both are very good friends and also experts in different fields and with his help, they achieved huge success in the elections.  A really good team wins everywhere. To complete a good project or a particular job, people of different abilities are required.  But the main thing is teamwork, if you have a good team then you can execute any of your plans successfully.  Whereas in a group which includes all skilled people but they do not have a proper relationship then they are not able to perform better teamwork.  If you are a sports person then you will easily understand the importance of teamwork, it is not that a better player can win the whole match, for this the whole team has to perform better and together they can do anything.












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