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Team Learning in unfamiliar environment

Kirjoittanut: Veikko Airas - tiimistä FLIP Solutions.

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Learning journey observations -Veikko 


Introduction -Veikko  


These are my observations and learnings that I collected from Flip´s learning journey. The learning journey is a team learning trip that is part of our ENTRE curriculum where the main thing is to do teaming up activities like projects, Paja´s or other activities. You have to go outside your school area and spend time with your whole team. We went to Keuruu´s Ekokylä which is located 1-hour drive from Jyväskylä we spent 4 days at Keuruu and one day at Jyväskylä´s Tiimiakatemia where I facilitated a paja.


Planning the learning journey 

I, Ella, and Gustav were chosen to plan and execute the Learning journey. We had to come up with a location, project, and accommodation for the whole team. At the start, I and Ella had the most focus on the accommodation. We were also trying to find a project for us. Gustav got a contact from the JYP ice hockey team and he tried to get a project from there but we failed. At this point, there were 2 weeks left into the learning journey and we had to just be without a project. 

This was a mistake of mine. I did not reserve and did not prioritize enough the learning journey and literally ran out of time. I was working for Polestar and thought that I would be able to complete the tasks I needed to but I was wrong. In the future no matter what I need 2 free days in a week and enough time for planning.

When the learning journey started our team had a bit of tension in it because there was a suspicion that how the ekokylä will be. When we went farther into the week the team came more and more together.


Ekokylä concept explanation  


Ekokylä like its name is a community that works together towards shared goals and they try to live as ecologically as possible. It requires a lot of communication in order to keep the community well together. In the Ekokylä they have weekly meetings every Monday where they discuss community things, for example, where should we invest is there some problems inside the community is their new ideas, etc. Ekokylä had multiple different buildings in the area and the community takes care of them. Ekokylä also provides breakfast every morning which is changing the responsibility of who is doing it.  


The day in Jyväskylä was my and my friend Wiljami´s responsibility. I have for a long time wanted to visit tiimiakatemia and I got an idea about it when we were planning the learning journey. The goal of this visit was that we can lower the step for Proakatemia and Tiimiakatemia people to visit and communicate with each other. I facilitated a paja about multiculturalism in the team learning environment. Most of the people that were in the paja were from Tiimiakatemia and they don´t have English-speaking classes so it was good learning for them and us. That´s is a good way to try out whether there are some things to improve when you bring also people that are not in the Proakatemia community in. I think that teaching them about how we do things in our school is good for them because we are the only two language team academy in Finland so we are on the front line of learning things. For me, it was stressful to have that paja because I think for me it was a valuable thing on the trip so it was critical to get it right.  


I planned a dia show for the paja, carefully made notes, made a clear schedule, and put the chairs into a round. I researched the topic so that way I was able to control the paja dialogue in the right direction. In the paja, the dialogue was really rich and I was a bit surprised how well some of the tiimiakatemia people got on with it. 

I got feedback from the paja that someone felt that the paja had a few times that the discussion went too much off-topic, another was that some people didn´t find the multiculturalism in team learning environment topic useful since they don´t have it yet in their school, then I got plenty of positive feedback and got a lot of new connections from the Tiimiakatemia which is awesome. 


How did the trip affect the team?


I had a fun time on the learning journey but I do feel that we can do better. We could try to find a project that we could do in a more far place like abroad. Now we more likely will have a project because we know what we can do better. And we have defined what our skills are. This experience gave us a lot of things that we can learn which gives it a higher possibility that the next learning journey will succeed.  


The trip was good for Flippers we had a great time and we became close with each other during the trip. Especially sitting in a car for many hours with your teammates is nice. I was in the car with Yann and Nicholas and we were discussing a lot of things together. Also, the free time that was spent with people that you don’t usually spend so much time with is important. The learning journey was hard but hard things brings the team together more.

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