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Take Interest

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There is no singular path to success; instead, it’s a journey filled with diverse routes, some smooth and others bumpy. What remains constant is the resilience that push us towards our goals, offering hope that the destination is attainable regardless of the time it takes. The value of the journey itself is immeasurable, making every step towards our objectives worthwhile.


Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a seminar where two speakers shared their unique stories. Despite their distinct journeys, timelines, and experiences, both speakers shared the common goal of becoming the best versions of themselves, highlighting that personal growth is an ongoing adventure nurtured by taking part in it with other people.


To underscore the significance of these stories, I will maintain the confidentiality of both speakers, emphasizing that their narratives are interconnected and inseparable.



Speaker 1 embodied the essence of a lifelong learner—someone ceaselessly exploring the mysteries of the world with curiosity and self-motivation. Their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation was evident in the pursuit of multiple studies and the creation of novel ideas. Beyond personal success, this speaker emphasized the importance of time, urging us to make every moment count and not merely perceive time as an abundance we can afford to waste. The lesson learned was clear: opportunities are presented daily, and seizing them requires active engagement and a mindset of perpetual learning.

Furthermore, he showcased a deep dedication to teamwork. They emphasized the creation of a solid foundation built on trust, where the success of the team was synonymous with their own. The speaker highlighted the absence of an “I” in the equation, stressing that actions must be collective, with the team working together, aligning values, and achieving shared goals.

He was the team and the team was him. There was no I, no I had to take action, no I had to make things happen. It’s always Me and the Team had to take action, work together, find mutual values and make things happen.



Speaker 2’s story challenged the notion of being a “know-it-all” by exemplifying the importance of embracing uncertainty and pushing personal boundaries. Despite lacking extensive leadership experience, he identified his strength in leadership and exhibited courage by taking on unfamiliar roles. The narrative conveyed a powerful message: leadership is not about being the smartest person in the room, but about understanding that success is inherently tied to the strength of the team.

Speaker 2 emphasized that being a leader requires recognizing one’s limitations, acknowledging the need for a team, and understanding that leadership is a collaborative endeavor. The speaker underscored the perpetual pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. The key takeaway was the importance of investing in oneself, embracing vulnerability, and actively participating in the journey toward success.



In conclusion, the seminar underscored the profound impact of lifelong learning, teamwork, and taking genuine interest in people. The speakers’ stories illuminated the essence of personal growth, the value of collective effort, and the necessity of building meaningful connections. The lessons learned serve as a guiding light, encouraging us to embrace the uncertainties of our journeys, foster strong team dynamics, and continually invest in our personal and professional development. Ultimately, success is not only an individual accomplishment but a collaborative triumph achieved through the synergy of diverse talents and shared aspirations.

We say that time is of the essence but do we practice that? Do we capture that or do we let it slip?  I might think that I have a lot of time, starting studies, trying to find myself, but do I take the opportunities that are thrown at me every day? That’s the lesson that I need to take, practice and remind myself every single day.

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