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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

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Steve Jobs
Walter Isaacson
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This essay will not be long.

I chose to read this book as a response to our coach’s challenge “read about a business person of your choice”. As an obvious choice in my mind came Steve Jobs and his biography.

I found this book influential and recommend reading it to my peers. I tried to go Deeper in reflection and describe  “what I learned”  in words on paper, but it always took some wrong shape, and words became too dull or the opposite – too bold, edgy, and  ‘carved in a stone’.  So I left it open to an interpretation. 

My journey with this book was not as smooth as I would have thought. I set an expectation (my mistake) to become influenced to think about marketing, sales, and user experience in different ways, but in the middle of the book (the book is altogether 656 pages) I found myself not a bit inspired but rather annoyed with Steve Jobs. I was surprised to find out how emotional I had become, and irritated by his personality, behavior, and choices he made. I wanted to stop reading this book there and give it 2 stars (the reason being that there was too much unnecessary emphasis on his diet and poor hygiene, which I found distracting). Yet I continued to read and look up References from the book online, and in the end, I felt sad to “part ways” with Steve Jobs. Therefore, I gave the book 5 stars. After all, this book had found other ways to inspire me, and I had found some empathy and even some  connecting points  (not many  but some ) making the whole reading experience more relatable (as  relatable  as it may be).

He was smart and gifted, although a difficult man. Yet I admire his work and passion, which came from being really  in love  with his creations. Apart from being interested in technology and an amazing salesperson, Steve Jobs was an artist. They knew how to create things or “how they should be created”. It is both admirable and a bit unsettling how Deeply he was linked with his work, and sometimes I would think to myself  is he a bit mad?  He has created Masterpieces and his works are still here and used as an example. Yet I believe he did it  his  way. I like that this Biography showed him as a man with flaws and did not hide the Mistakes he made, and so it became more humane. He was just a human after all. Not an idol.

Read this book.

Thank you for this challenge. 🙂

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