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Spotlight: Original Content Creation

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The Proakatemia community of business-savvy Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership teampreneurs sees a high rate of successful projects sprout every semester. With around 300 teampreneurs, we are the premium soil of start-ups, new ideas and success.

Our motto, The Paragon of New Entrepreneurship could not be more fitting to our community and this is something to take pride in.

With new projects, the teampreneurs need to turn to marketing. More specifically, we are interested in how to best achieve visibility to scale our business projects. This is when mind maps are created and analyses come out: who is our main target group? Which platforms are best to reach them?

Most times, we turn to platforms that are the most popular at the moment, come up with a content strategy and put our resources into creating videos, photos and posts with the hopes of going viral and get seen by our target group.

However, this unfortunately is not original content creation in the context of marketing.

In the context of marketing, original content creation refers to creating long-lasting content you own that is free to consume.

A common misconception is that the posts and content you create on social media platforms such as Tiktok or Facebook belong to content creation. While it is true in a sense that you put energy in it and create content with value that reaches people, the posts only show up to your followers or within the social media platform that you do not own. None of the posts created actually show up when someone searches for your company or project by name through a search engine such as Google, which makes the difference in adding integrity and credibility to your project or business.

Social media is a way to reach and engage with your ideal client by distributing your content and when this takes place, this is referred to as content marketing.

Even if you create a post on Instagram, Instagram owns it and this cannot be found by a search engine. The key here is to post your content on a platform or a server you own for a search engine to find it.

How to then get the best of both worlds?

As mentioned above, the content that you created needs to be non-gated aka free to consume for a person. If the content such as blog posts are in a newsletter or behind a password, they cannot be found by a search engine. Thus, to make the blog posts, videos and podcasts work better for visibility, host them on your website.

Original content can be found and accessed years later, even if new social media platforms arrive and currently popular platforms fade from the society’s collective memory, losing your hard-worked content in the process. A great tip to prevent this is to keep copies of your podcasts, videos, blog posts and more on a separate cloud service or embedded on your website to ensure that you have all your content available even if something happens to the original.

Winning content formula:

Original content + social media = content marketing

An excellent way of joining the best of both worlds and create successful content marketing is to focus on the creation of original content (blog post, videos, podcasts) that can then be shortened and marketed on social media. The marketing on social media can then include a Call to Action and have a link for more information, taking the traffic generated from social media platforms to your website. This tip works wonders in placing your website higher in client’s search results through SEO, which eventually provides more value for the customers wishing to learn more.

The thoughts on original content creation were shared by Sigrun in her event series 12 Days of Masterclasses during the Christmas holiday of 2022.

Sigrun Gudjonsdottir is an award winning business coach, bestselling author, a TEDx speaker based in Zurich. Her mission is to support and encourage female entrepreneurship through courses, masterminds and consults to accelerate gender equality around the world.




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