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Before moving to Finland 1.5 years ago, I used to questioned my husband if Finland is the safe country more than Vietnam because I read somewhere on the internet Finland has the high rate of killing most in the area. I was not sure of that information, by the way my husband’s answer was nowhere is the safest place if we do not pay attention to keep ourselves safe. I think I agree with him about this.


When I first came to Finland, I have had so good feeling of the country. People around me seem to be very calmful and gentle. They respect the people and surrounding. I wondered how in such a wonderful and happiest country there could be anything that can threaten my safety, until the day I met one man on the bus. He seemed to behave aggressively aiming to me. He started to speak alone a little loudly and his fingers crashed on the bus seats in his anger. I was so scared and tried to show that I did not see it. Of course, he could not do anything harmful to me in the bus when there were many people there, but it was my first scare in Finland. My husband said in Finland mad people can live amongst the people who have normal mental situation. I questioned why? in my country those are put into the private areas where they are healed by doctors and prevented to threaten to other’s safety. It was a surprised for me, however I understood that here all people are treated more fairly than in my country and I really respect it.

However, there was one case shared by my friend who is from Africa. He said he was bothered and hit in the bar by a group of men for no reason. Those men after continued to threaten him, therefore he must ask help of bar owner to take him home. Furthermore, my female African friend was proposed by a Finnish couple to have mutual sex activity with them when she at random met them on the road.

I think when facing this kind of situation, the immigrants or foreigners can feel unsafe and lonely in Finland. Somehow, I feel that I have my husband who can protect me whenever we went out together. Definitely nowhere is the safe place if we do not pay attention to keep us safe from those who may endanger to us. I self-aware that I should not go out alone so late when it gets dark and should pay attention to my surrounding when I must be out alone.

In conclusion, I believe that all is up to us. Our safety may be in our hands if we do not get over the safety line. Of course, there would be some unexpectable situations. I trust in people around me and do hope that the people will try to open heart, love each other, and live in peace because Finland is so wonderful country to live.

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