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S23: End Track- Summer Thoughts

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End Track S23: Summer Thoughts

This is an unstructured reflection, everything that runs through my head is written down. 


Peace, it felt so long since I actually took some time for myself. What a year, what a season, still alive and still grateful for where I am today. Grateful for the people who put up with my mistakes, who were there along the way, to the ones who understood, to the ones who gave their time and support. Thanks for making the past year bearable. Looking back, I was in full “keep on going” mode. No matter what happened, I somehow had to make it work. I tried to keep myself busy to a point where I couldn’t really process the past year properly. Now, going forward, I look forward to the beach, white sand and crystal blue water. Spending time with family and my dog. Finally eating properly and sleeping well without worries. Spending time with friends, catching up, reconnecting. Driving around the city at 2 am, and grabbing fast food along the way. Finally taking the rest I have postponed for a long time. Hopefully finding myself again in the process. Looking forward to the next chapter in my life in Proakatemia, in a new space, new environment and a new semester. Better food than Frenckell too. I look forward to where I will be in a couple of months from now. Will resting help me? Or will it just be a waste of time and money? Do I actually need this? How do I know if I need this? Scattered thoughts, multiple wants and needs, yet one person cant take all. As reflected in my essay earlier, take a cake and slice it into smaller pieces, only then a person can devour the whole cake. You don’t have to take it all at once, you can do it one at a time. Patience, young padawan, enjoy the journey, dont rush it. Dont worry about the future, you have your team, and the community. Maybe? Just kidding. Now go rest, have fun, be a kid this summer, play volleyball and enjoy while it lasts. Every year summer is different, you will have different priorities next time. You are not always 21 every summer.

just chilling, nothing much

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