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Reflection on Personal Goals

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My learning would not be complete if I would not ‘take a step back’ from time to time to reflect whether my aim has reached the target (special choice of wording for my team Crevio with a smile :)).

! This essay will still be modified, as this semester has not yet come to an end, and there are some parts of the list that I can’t mark as completed yet.

Often when I make a grocery list, I usually leave check mark at the end. So, I’ll do the same here – copy and paste my objectives from the essay where I set my goals for this semester , and see if I can mark it as “check” and add some comments how did it go.


Going over my list:

  1. As a BL:

– To boost constant financial growth in Crevio Osk ( check )

  • We have a nice ‘pillow’ now, and steady cash flow coming into the company.

– To make sure the company has its individual projects ( check ) –

  • Active now are two, but we have created Workspace where we keep track of our progress with our projects on Notion and many are in “active planning” (which I hope soon will also be active , as in, bringing some money for the company) .

– To create an environment of ‘hive’ in the company where there is constant movement and work comes with ease ( check )

  • We have. I am so happy to say this. We came back after summer exhausted, but now our work environment gets livelier day by day. Plus, we now say “are you jumping?” to each other to support and encourage literally jumping into opportunities and getting out of our comfort zone.

– Successfully Collaborate with the other BL of Crevio Osk (I would say check )

Picture 1. Official answer from the other BL (Personal archive).

Comment: no business leaders were harmed during this experiment.


– To create a strong social identity for the company (not completed -)

Still in progress.


  1. As a Student:

To complete all of my Essays on time ( check );

  • DONE!

To combine my studies with my part-time work ( check );

To avoid burn-out, and keep my health in shape ( check );

  • YAY! This point of the list makes me super happy, as normally I would have dropped sick at least twice during autumn, but this year – NOT A DAY! This, however, could not be accomplished if I hadn’t chosen this as my main priority

Gain new knowledge in finance, marketing and sales ( check ).


  1. As a Janitor team project leader:

– To successfully conduct Janitor team service ( check );

  • I would say we did. We received Mostly positive feedback or good improvement ideas and prevented so many errors from occurring. Only one small mistake was made at the beginning of the service – we forgot to restock the oat milk, leaving the community for an hour only with almond milk. That, of course, did not go unnoticed. 😀 We learn from our mistakes, and this, was a good one – we understood how crucial it is to always stay sharp and be one step ahead. 🙂

– To learn how to lead a project of service ( check );

  • I did. I can truly say that this was such a good learning experience. From outside, it may seem like “easy money”, but it wasn’t. Our fee of 10€ per person only covered the monthly contributions for the four people in charge. There were times when we were on the edge of not even meeting that, so it was more of a learning experience than a way for the company to make a profit. That is to say, I highly recommend this to learn more about service, as even though we are all peers (us- service providers, them – consumers), we are all very keen on having the best service for what we pay for. Consequently, through this service, I learned about the importance of transparency and quality communication, how to work with diverse feedback, monitoring consumption, forecasting, and being flexible when there is a new change in demand. Finally, I learned the responsibility to perform well at all times.

– To make sure that the community is satisfied with my team’s work ( check );

  • Overall, yes… however, this is not a service where you can expect recognition and a “tap on the shoulder” for doing something well. 

– To make sure that people in my team perform well ( check );

  • We managed to work really well together, and tried to even the hours each of us (4) put into this service. At the end, we became very comfortable with our work and team, and started to come up with ideas what we could improve if we managed to get to do this also the following term.

– To work so that it is possible to do this service again (I will put check for my team).

  • We really tried. All that we said to each other the whole time we were active “Let’s do it so that we can do it again!” That is to say, for me, no matter if we do get to do this service again, we have really worked ” so that it is possible to do this service again “.



  1. As an After School Club teacher:

To provide a safe space for kids to play and learn ( check )

  • I think they feel really safe. Loads of hugs, jokes and laughter together. 🙂

To make sure every kid feels equally seen and protected ( check )

  • This is also marked as checked. Now the question is, “how to have my personal space?” hahah .
  • Another thing I could mention: I am also doing drama club with them now, and at first I was, again, scared of how it would turn out, but now I need to choose who will come to my club . Kids are really looking forward to this club every week and keep signing up well in advance to be included in the group for when the next time “Drama Thursday” arrives. I wish I could take them all, but doing this is another challenge. I come up with new games every week, and I try to make it for all – for those who are insecure or shy, those with too much energy or those who are loud and courageous, who are very different from others, etc. The group is very diverse, so you can imagine that sometimes it gets crazy. But as I say, there is never too much craziness in the drama club, and no one is too weird to be in one.

To take a stand – anti bullying and mobbing, and pass it to the kids ( check )

  • This is very crucial for me. I take this very seriously every day, and even though I now know I won’t be able to stop it entirely, I can choose not to be ignorant. I have to say, it is hard not to become too involved.

To teach our kids kindness ( check )

  • Yeah this too. My eyes go over very colorful and beautiful Memories but I can’t seem to put it into words. They are kids, cute kids.

To not lose a child. ? ( check )



Now, about the process of setting personal goals and some other learnings that I want to share:

So… It is important to add, in order to really meet your goals, you have to think what is really important for you. Your goals must answer your personal “why”.

At the start of this semester I was scared that I would fail – I really wanted to be able to do all of the things listed above. They were important to me. So, I chose to make my goals public. To be loud. Some say that when you say something that you want to do to other people, you make it fixed – “Now I really have to do it!” With me, it’s the same. Therefore, I chose to “jump” in a pool that felt too big at the time. No matter how hard it would be, I knew I didn’t want to give up easily. Now that I have “swam” through it all, I can say, I am much stronger than ever. But, I wouldn’t have done it all if I hadn’t been aligned with myself, and taken rest whenever needed. On this note, I want to share another beautiful lesson for those who have burned out before.

I thought I won’t be able to manage it all. After all, after I had burned out before, I was able to work only on my personal 60% (I just didn’t have as much energy as I did before). However, because I knew this will be a big challenge, my most important thing was to keep myself in a good shape so that I could make the most of my 60%. I am not sure yet, maybe I even was able to regain some part of the lost energy before, or maybe I just embraced these 60% (because even with those – I can be enough). But, the crucial learning is to ALWAYS (alwaysssss!!!) take care of yourself first.


My Grandma always tells me this story from when I was little.

“You were only two or three. All dressed yellow. A tiny, tiny little chick. You had decided that you will help me to carry Lard (pork fat) from the store. There was not much, a bit under half a kilogram maybe , but you would carry it a few steps and then sit down in a squat and take deep breaths. I would always say: “Now, now. Come on, I’ll help you!” To what you (that is me) always answered with: “Noo, nooo. It’s fine! I will just rest a little and then continue.” And so I did. I would take a deep breath, throw the bag of Lard over my shoulder and carry on.”


Not much has changed.

Thank you Terēze.


Picture 2. Me, little chick.

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