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Reflection: Marketing

Kirjoittanut: Tuuli-Emily Liivat - tiimistä SYNTRE.

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Over the last year, I had an excellent opportunity to work in marketing an exclusive product to Finland: a wheat straw panel.


The product is made from heatpressed wheat straws and acts as a durable multi-purpose building material, which is designed to be a more eco-friendly alternative to those on the market. One can use the panels as inner walls, separation walls, inner cladding and outer walls among many other possibilities of use.


I managed the company’s social media accounts, marketing and worked as a promoter, primarily because I believe in the product since it aligned with my personal values. I found it amazing and highly beneficial that there is a competitor whose primary selling points are quietness that you cannot achieve with current possibilities on the market, eco-friendliness in its making, natural materials and recycling and the way that it solved various problems: as an example, a family with serious allergies I knew personally had their house built from the material and could have a space where it was hypoallergenic and the way that the wheat kept the warmth in itself, meaning that the costs of heating were lower during the wintertime. To me, the experience was also about utilising marketing and social media skills acquired through learning and combining them to bring a new product to the market, which is a challenge.


The experience of doing social media for the company provided a lot of knowledge in action.


  1. Get to know the product and the behaviour of the target group.
    The product – an eco-friendly building material –  itself is great in qualities but due to the nature of the product it is also interesting to bring to the market as people have little connections and no prior experience with the product. An ordinary consumer is reluctant to make a decision towards the competitor if prior success stories are not showcased in the country that the consumer lives in. What was useful to me was to observe the overall cultural environment and behaviour of the consumer and the business and follow their interactions: how does a person choose materials for their new home? Which services do architects use when planning a building? Where do building companies and developers go when they have a new project? Who sees the most benefit in the product and who to approach first as a result? Through this, we got the needed certificates, applied to be in registries and developed connections with people focused on eco-friendly building in Finland.
  2. Marketing mixes, content and elements of branding

When I first started, the social media channels had been established and the logo was created but besides 1-2 posts not much else had been accomplished. Through observing the target group, our primary aim was to get more visibility of the product to the masses. This was aided by defining the brand colours and using them more frequently in posts, defining marketing mixes to different segments of target groups (to consumers and businesses separately, which were separated more in niches) and strategies of articles in news outlets focusing on the market. The communication and the messages were largely focused on slogans. Through discussions, we confirmed that we want to emphasize the qualities of the product and invite people to learn more of the product and also spread knowledge to ensure buyers would not make mistakes in building and end up dissatisfied.


  1. Celebrating wins, building a roadmap and strategies
    One of the biggest things I wish I began reinforcing earlier was celebrating wins and building a visual roadmap with numbers to communicate better with the team and incorporate this into the strategy. We were largely focused on the handling and prioritising the tasks to be done and developed further, which took away from celebrating what we had achieved in the moment. Luckily, the roadmap has now been figured out for the next year and the expectation is to have clearer goals and a strategy to reach the goals.


With the year, we managed to grow in a big way: next year is looking very promising and during my time at the company part-time, we managed to build new strategic partnerships and develop new paths of expansion, which I am very excited about. Due to the tasks growing and my limited time resource as a student, we also expanded the team and I will be continuing as a freelance to help the company out with expos/fairs if needed. Ultimately, I am very proud of being able to contribute in such a large way and am excited to see what is in store next for the company.


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