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Power of Emotional Marketing: Strategies, Examples, and Impact

Kirjoittanut: Joyeta Banerjee - tiimistä Sointu.

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Reflective Essay on Emotional Marketing with Sana & Joyeta

Marketing is the process of persuading customers to purchase a product or service that fulfills their needs. It encompasses various elements such as understanding customer needs, creating attention-grabbing advertisements or messages, and ensuring the product’s accessibility. At its core, marketing involves matching the right product with the right customer.


Marketing is indispensable for companies, serving not only to facilitate their growth but also to maximize their potential in promoting brands, products, and services in the competitive marketplace. It nurtures the connection between businesses and customers, fostering strong and enduring relationships that contribute to long-term success.


Emotional marketing is a significant aspect of marketing that enables brands to establish meaningful connections with customers. By leveraging emotions, brands can craft more impactful and memorable marketing campaigns that resonate deeply with their target audience. Emotional marketing profoundly influences customers’ perceptions, attitudes, and behavior towards a product or service, ultimately shaping their overall experience.


In summary, marketing plays a crucial role in satisfying customer needs, promoting brand awareness, and fostering strong customer relationships, while emotional marketing enhances these efforts by tapping into customers’ emotions to create deeper connections and influence their decision-making.


We have discovered numerous correlations since we began our investigation into emotional marketing.  The Harvard Business Review (HBR) states that a company’s emotional connection to its customers is 52% more valuable than the customers’ contentment. From a variety of business angles, feelings are the most effective marketing tools.  The potential of emotional marketing is still underappreciated by many marketers.

When Sana and I were discussing emotional marketing, we wondered why it is that marketing that appeals to emotions is so successful.


These are the top three explanations for which we have conducted research:

  1. It stimulates quick purchases: Various significant purchases made by the company are made on the spur of the moment. These purchases that aroused the emotions of your audience may have caused the firm to feel pity or even terror in some situations. It is far more successful for a brand to leverage an audience’s pain point as an advantage if it can identify it.
  2. Emotional Connections Establish More: You may differentiate your brand from the competition using emotional marketing. By developing a stronger emotional connection with your clients, you may win their loyalty and win their satisfaction with your products, making them choose your brand over competitors. Put another way, people will start to remember your brand.
  3. Encourage people to spread the word about your brand: Nothing beats consumer referrals for marketing purposes. An engaged and devoted audience can also develop into a vibrant community. a group that will spread the word about your material to possible clients. And who will also tell others about what you have to offer.



However, let’s consider some examples of other firms that use emotional marketing or brand equity to draw in customers.


First Example: Athletes’ personal and professional hardships that moulded their resilient personalities were featured in Gillette’s “Perfect Isn’t Pretty” commercial. In the PG&E commercial “Thank You, Mom-Strong,” a number of short narratives from the lives of various athletes are told. These stories highlight how the athletes’ moms shielded them from harm or trauma and how they overcome these experiences to become the best athletes in the world.


Second Example: In order to establish an emotional connection with potential clients, Airbnb ran a campaign in New York City in 2014. The Airbnb user Carol uses the platform to augment her income and pay for her return to education. In the 30-second YouTube video, she talks about how she lost her job, lived in Lower Manhattan for 34 years, and enjoys entertaining guests on Airbnb.


Stories like these appeal to people’s innate desire to assist others. We can find a place to stay, meet new people, and assist someone like Carol in maintaining their lifestyle and flat by utilising Airbnb.


The renowned “Marketoonist,” Tom Fishburne, once stated, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” When you view a moving advertising and find yourself emotionally invested in the subject matter, does that feel like marketing? When you come across an honest, glowing customer review about excellent service and friendly waitstaff, does it not feel like marketing?


You will have a huge competitive edge to establish yourself in the market if you can capitalise on the emotions that emotional marketing can arouse.


Your brand will be more empathetic to your target market, which will increase sales as well as bring you more devoted clients who will discuss, suggest, and long-term advertise your brand.


It’s your time now.


Do you believe that marketing places a lot of emphasis on emotions? Are there any additional emotional marketing strategies that you are aware of? Please fill us in on the details in the comments so we are not left in the dark.




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