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Patricia Gonzalez’ Blog: How I start managing my time?

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151 Quick Ideas to Manage Your Time
Dittmer, Robert E.
Lakes, Franklin
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How I start managing my time?

Blog by Patricia Gonzalez

Throughout these two weeks in Proakatemia I realized that I had bad time management. For this reason, I decided to investigate more about the subject and I would like to improve this aspect in my life because being more organized is a skill that I want to improve. The most difficult step in this process is to start.

Also, for the Chilean culture, it is more difficult, because we not only have to manage time with work or study. We also dedicate time to our family, since the family is an important part of the Chilean culture.

For this, I began to write down the activities I do during the day so that I could create a better schedule for the day and with this be able to achieve my goals. If these objectives are long term, they must have more steps to achieve your goal. Ask yourself: what do you need to accomplish to get there?

Another good strategy to organize your time is to make a weekly to-do lists of everything you should do and according to the complexity of the task could be a monthly list. Another thing that you should not forget is always include your family or friends in your plans since these are fundamental support to achieve your dreams. It is also important to plan your day the night before so this way you can make it more efficient and effective.

Although I can do all the activities I have to do during the day. We still waste a lot of time on activities that don’t have value in our life. For this reason, I think it is necessary to stop procrastinating during the day and make better use of our free time. This is something that not only happens to me but is a common behavior for many people. We leave everything for last minute but this must change because If you change this you can fit all the activities that you could want to achieve during days, months and even years. That is why it is also good to build a schedule according to the priorities that each one has and also to have deadlines to reduce the loss of time.

Something that will help you organize your day is to prepare a clean place to work because if the atmosphere does not exist, it is difficult to organize your time. That is why I read a book that recommends asking you the following questions so that you have a good place to work:

  • How does work come to you? By paper, by e-mail or by mail? Is there a central location on your desk where such new assignments can live until you handle them? 
  • How do you manage the documents for a task or project? Are then stacked up in a pile somewhere? Do you know where? Organizing these documents, even notes from meetings, is important.
  • Where are your tools (pencils, pens, the telephone, the computer, office supplies, and so forth)? If they are scattered about haphazardly, then organize them. Have a computer where you can reach it easily. Put the phone at hand, not behind you. Keep office supplies in a drawer somewhere, easy to reach but out of the way. Pens, pencils, and notepads should not be strewn about the desk, but in a drawer at easy reach.1

Organization saves time and it will help you with your life.

Knowing yourself more and knowing your most productive hours is a good way to build your agenda in a better way. You can organize activities more effectively and efficiently because you can do activities that are more difficult in your most productive hours of the day. This is why we will see steps on how to create a better schedule:2

  1. Identify the time you have available.
  2. Determine the priority tasks that must be accomplished that day.
  3. Plan for the regular housekeeping tasks you have to accomplish every day or week.
  4. Block some time now for contingencies and emergencies.
  5. Complete your schedule with some personal/professional time just for you.

If you do not have time left. You should make some for yourself. I will add those steps into my life to improve my time management. These steps will help you too.


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2 151 QUICK IDEAS TO MANAGE YOUR TIME: https://epdf.pub/151-quick-ideas-to-manage-your-time8453b3a0644c3b3131d5ad7557eab70682057.html

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