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My takeaways from the Nordic Business Forum

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The Nordic Business Forum is a business life-oriented event taking place in Helsinki every year. The theme of the event changes yearly based on what is relevant at that moment. This year’s theme was Be the Change. The topics and themes discussed during the speeches were leadership, innovation, resilience, and AI. Of these topics, the one that resonated with me the most was AI. It has been discussed in our society a lot and it is present more in our daily lives than ever before.

AI is being seen as a threat by many. But why is that? Mo Gawdat a former chief business officer of Google X and an AI expert told us why it is so in the Nordic Business Forum. We have been pictured an idea by the movie industry of what an extraterrestrial or unhuman power would do to humanity. It would, in its brevity, destroy us all by taking power for itself. This is what many people think when we talk about AI. Along with the narrative that humans can’t be replaced by machines because we have qualities that a machine could never have like creativity and connections. In his speech on the Nordic Business Forum Mo Gawdat wanted to explain what AI actually is, how it will affect you, and the dilemma humanity will face with AI. All of this in less than half an hour and without any slides.


Abundance of intelligence would solve all problems

Artificial intelligence may solve climate change, prolong human life, and end jobs that were either way invented for humankind about 120 years ago. Gawdat said that our world is facing a moment of singularity, a moment of unknown. Like we would be on the edge of a black hole where we don’t know what there is beyond a certain point. Intelligence is what got us here today and made us not have to fight for our lives in the woods in order to survive another day. Why would we not want to use this superintelligence to further develop as a society?

The government regulating AI Is going to be something very difficult in the future. When in the future these technologies are hundreds or even thousands of times more intelligent than us, how can we do it? The challenge we have ahead of us is not going to be an AI challenge, but it is a challenge of humanity in the age of AI. Meaning that we humans will have to change more in the upcoming era than AI itself.

The ethical use of AI is key if we don’t want to create another autonomous weapon. The moral principle “treat others as you want to be treated” applies also to the use of AI. Treat the machine in a way you want the machine to treat you. Responsible use of AI means that you use it in a way that can’t harm anyone. We are all affecting what AI is going to look like from this point onward. By interacting with AI we are increasing its databank and guiding it in one way or another. We instill the value system in the machine like we would be its parents. There will be a time when decision-making will be transferred to the most intelligent individual, which will be most likely a machine. That machine will have established all its morals based on what has been taught to it by humans.

Our problems in the modern world are not because of intelligence but because of our limited intelligence says Mo Gawdat. Meaning that thanks to our intelligence we have built an amazing machine like an airplane, but our limited intelligence makes that machine burn the planet while flying. Marvin Minsky who is one of the first scientists who brought up the term AI was interviewed about the threat AI can cause. He answered that it is not about intelligence, but that we will not have a way to make sure if it will have our best interest in mind. If more intelligence comes into our world that has our best interests in mind would be the best imaginable scenario possible.

The people who write code for AI have a massive responsibility. The coder coding AI in his room is going to affect the lives of millions. At the current time, there is no legislation telling the coder what he can and can’t do. The immediate effect of AI is not going to take your job, but a person using AI will. People will upscale themselves in AI to a point where they will do the job of 10 people who are not using AI to their benefit. The biggest fear we are facing is not the machines, but humanity in the age of the machines. The machines are pure potential which we can use to our benefit. The threat is how we are going to use those machines and who sets their morals by coding them. There lies a huge responsibility on the people able to write the codes that shape AI, as they will determine which direction the machines will be heading towards.


We will have the ability to regulate AI until the moment it is not smarter than us. When we cross the point where AI is smarter than us, we can’t rewind and make changes. The ethics and values of AI are being built now. Meaning that what is being taught to them now will remain in the database when they will be a million times smarter than us. The people who love the potential of AI should be the ones teaching them. They are so-called good parents raising the machines to have good intentions and making them disagree with the bad.

AI is only going to get better, and if it is impressing people already. I am looking forward to what it is going to look like in one year’s time. The improvement we can see in every update made to services like Chat GPT has changed my view on what is even possible with this technology. Are we going to get to a certain point where it is impossible to improve further or is the world or the world of AI doesn’t have limits? Getting to a point where a machine teaches another machine would be something mindblowing to me. I am excited to know what the future holds and see the development of artificial intelligence and the possibilities we can achieve with it.


“The ones that will break the code of superintelligence will completely stop the rest of us from making any further advancements. “ – Mo Gawdat







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