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Entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, business is a list of my top interest at the moments. My interests have been changing during the time. Before, I paid more attention in an import and export field, then when I had a chance to work as external communication lead or marketing assistant in my previous companies, I started to love marketing and branding. However, nowadays I would like to be more specialized in entrepreneurship.
This interest changing has been happening naturally along with the opportunity to change my career. Usually, it was out of my intention to choose the career, like before I did not think to work in export- import field or change to work in marketing and branding aspects, but the careers chose me and I must learn to adapt with and love the new aspect. In the contrary, moving to Finland offers me not many opportunities to find the careers in the fields that I have experienced with. That became the strong motivation for me to learn and love the new field, entrepreneurship.
I have started the student company, Flip Solutions Osk. with other 14 members and nowadays I started my business idea in selling the herbal tea with other 2 girls from Finland and China. At the moment, we are learning a lot from dealing with many uncertain things in business. If everything can go well, a dream of being a professional entrepreneur keeps me motivated to become more advanced in the career.

Hekumu is my herbal tea business. Nowadays we are working on Hekumu website development. Everything on the website is still on the scratch, but our goal is to build an official channel of Hekumu to sell to B2B customers. Together with that, we are aiming to be active on the social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Those will be our key platforms online.
Those online platforms give me a chance to learn and practice my digital skills which I have not many knowledges and experiences before when I have worked mostly in the traditional offline platforms. Even though I have registered to many digital classes, but I think, in order to learn better, practicing in the real challenges will help me improved the best. Hekumu now is a good tool for me to do that. Besides, being active and sharp on the online platforms are needed if I do not want to be left behind in comparison with the competitors.

Hekumu direct competitors are the companies that sell the herbal tea and tea products in Finland or from abroad. The Finland market is very small, but there are many competitors. While most companies have the tea shops online or sell to B2B resellers, in Tampere, only Take-T has the offline shops, besides their online store. However, even though the website of Take-T looks pretty cool, but I think it contains mainly information like the products, promotion, stores, etc. The website seems not to have so modern style and its home page is not updated so well. I can see that Finland is an active market for tea business, but there are many competitions which causes a lot of challenges. Hekumu team is trying the best to bring the values to our final consumers by offering the unique tropical tastes, a convenience to shop with a competitive price. Besides, as the youngsters, we are caring more the eco-friendliness which is cared by most people in the current situation.

Health benefits, eco-friendliness, interesting herbal tea drinking tips, tropical experiences, or unique natural tastes can be the key words to attract the potentials to Hekumu channels. Besides, we think building the private experiences for the consumers to engage to the brand is the also very important.

Online stores have built very well their marketing contents on social media channels. However, I could see that there were not many engagements per posts. Maybe the consumers are more engaged in the posts which are extremely catchy, more humorous, more relevant, or more useful to their life. The bored branding messages seem not to create much impression for a like attraction. When the social media tastes of consumers are pickier, the ‘spirit dishes’ should be prepared carefully, impressively, and touchingly accordingly. The challenges for Hekumu are high to create the differences on the digital platforms. However, we believe the rich, impressive and well-updated contents will help us to connect the hearts of consumers to the brand.

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