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My life as an entrepreneur

Kirjoittanut: Henri Roivas - tiimistä Eventa.

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All of us have different kind of life story to tell. Some of us have had rough time as a child and for someone it has been easier. Some of our parents have been entrepreneurs and you may have been looking them to make their living while you have grown up. For me the idea to start building my future as an entrepreneur started when I was still working for someone else. I was 22 years old at that time and traveling in Australia also working same time. I had awesome time, also met new people. At that time, I found my dream. I wanted to have possibility to live in multiple countries and do work from each one of them. That was not all, I also wanted to be in charge what I was doing.

When my work and holiday visa expired, I decided to apply for school where I could learn the basics of running your own business. Unfortunately, my style of learning is not to sit down on bench and listen teacher to tell the secrets of business. No, my style is to learn in practice. For some reason school system in Finland hasn’t changed in decade and schools like Proakatemia are in rare. Anyways I got lucky and got myself in. When I realized that I can now start build my own path as an entrepreneur, I started immediately to search people with same style of mind set and interests around me. First I applied and also got chosen to tourism team Eventa Creative Osk where I got first baby steps to get closer to my dreams. I made decision to apply tourism team because I wanted to challenge myself. I didn´t know almost anybody from that team in advance. I wanted to build new trust chain to my new team. If I wouldn’t have applied to tourism team, I would have been selected to one of two teams that have been working together the whole first year. My time in Eventa have been truly educational experience.

Unfortunately, there was not many chances for me to do international business at start, so I decided to apply to our school’s international team where I also got chosen. In that team I have learned a lot about performing and public speaking in English. I also have met lot of new interesting people from all over the world. We even visited Switzerland’s team academy few months ago and gave them little sparring about the methods of learning in practice. International team has given me good tools to start international businesses.

Finally, me and my mates got the idea to start travel agency Nauttien Matkalla that offers services straight to companies in exchange of membership fee. That was my first international business and I have been very exited about it. Now I have gathered a group of people from Proakatemia who got interests for international business and we are innovating ideas for new businesses and projects to do in foreign countries. I also aim to travel to foreign countries every other month to find new ideas, network to new people and search places to move to.

There are lot of things that I haven’t mentioned here like: other projects, workshops seminars and such. All that other stuff I have done have been very educational and useful for my goals. For me the most important thing in entrepreneur lifestyle is to follow your dreams and enjoy achieving them step by step.

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