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My journey to Ultrace and how I’m going to do my thesis?

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I´m now doing my thesis about improving the car community and culture. It´s quite a broad topic the way I´m breaking it down is that I will mainly focus on the people that are in influential roles in these topics. One of these is Łukasz Dawczyk the founder and Ceo of Ultrace. Ultrace is a yearly car event that usually takes place in June in Poland. It has grown into a huge event in the near past and now it´s one of the biggest and most influential car events in Europe. later on, I can take a look into what led to this position Ultrace has in the car community.

The car community has a long history and it includes a variety of different groups of Japanese imports, American muscles, Exotic sportscars, Classic cars, Stanced cars, Drag cars, and Race cars… The list just goes and goes. Some things have really niche groups for example some specific models of cars have their small community. When there are so many different communities it´s quite hard to realize the overall picture of the community and what things affect it.

These are the topics I´m going to include in my thesis and I´m going deep into the things that how can we make it better. My one main goal in life is that I want to be a strong influence someday


So what is Ultrace exactly? Ultrace is an automotive event brand based in Poland. The event I´m going to help is kept in different cities in Poland and this year the event will be held in the Wroclaw Olympic stadium. Ultrace introduces itself with these words: “Ultrace is a unique automotive event, gathering hundreds of carefully selected cars from all over Europe. Through over a decade of brand existence, Ultrace has introduced a new standard to the automotive world. ”  Ultrace takes details seriously and this is what differentiates Ultrace from other events.

Car community

As I previously explained car community is a really broad subject. We are now focusing mostly on the tuned-car community. We like custom stuff we like to make cars to represent our style and taste we help each other and study each other builds the same as the way you dress or decorate your home. It goes so far sometimes that the cars we build have only a few original parts left. This takes a lot of skill, time, and money and usually, people take pride in the cars they have built. So as you can maybe understand people take it seriously so the future of car enthusiasm is important.


Why ended up researching this topic was the incident in Austria, Wörthersee. Wörthersee is a beautiful lake in southern Austria and almost 40 years ago Volkswagen enthusiasts started to have annual meetings by the lake now during the years it has grown into one of the biggest events in the world 200,000 people gathered around to see the coolest cars around Europe. And then we come to this “incident” Carscoops.com stated: “The Austrian municipality that hosted the Wörthersee Treffen says ICE vehicles don’t align with its environmental goals” and like that the Wörthersee Treffen was banned. And for clarity ICE means Internal combustion engine. For me, it looks like there´s more to this story than just environmental goals. I participated in a discussion about this in the Facebook Wörthersee group and I was explained that the decision is about as well about the misbehavior that happened during the event. With 200k people no matter what the event is about there is someone that does something crazy especially if you have a car with hundreds of horsepower under you. This might go surprisingly deep and I will do a question about this group and try to dig even deeper into the reasons this happened.

Wind of change

I´m going to go over in the thesis what changes we are going to face as a community and how they will affect the culture. the biggest one is that the European Union at the end of last year stated that the manufacturing of new ICE vehicles (Internal combustion engines) will be banned in 2035. A challenging and scary decision indeed.

Although for normal people it would necessarily sound like a big thing that just the way the car makes itself move would be that big deal it is for car people. Like I said before we take a lot of detail in our work and working on the engine is one of the central things of our work. What kind of transmission do you have in your car? What exhaust system do you have? Is your car naturally aspirated or does it have forced induction? Sorry about the weird words but the point is that it is an essential part of our work to be able to work with these things and enjoy the sound and mechanicalness the ordinary cars provide.


I´m going to interview the Ceo of Ultrace Łukasz Dawczyk, Co-founder of SpeedHooked Roni Collin, and Co-founder of CDLC.CO Antti Eskeli. SpeedHooked is  I´m looking forward to these interviews I can´t wait to hear what the organizers and owners of these influential brands think in which direction we are going. As we talk about the thesis I will take a neutral approach and try to oversee things so I will try to contact the Maria Wörth city counselor to have a call with them about what happened in Wörthersee and how could we improve the way we organize events to avoid these from happening.

I´m really looking forward to this essay and can´t wait until I get to work and interview this is going to sum up my studies perfectly! I will do a follow up essay about this in the summer and tell you how all this came together and how writing about this kind of like topic can be.


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