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The library of essays of Proakatemia

My first months in Proakatemia

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It’s been over half a year since I started my studies here in Proakatemia. I already live in Tampere so I was the happiest person ever finding out I can continue my studies and I can still live here and no need to move to any other city. The first 6 months we had “normal studies” and 8 hours of paja in a day…rough. The term paja was the most confusing thing to me, at first, I just could not get a grip on what it meant, how pajas are done, and why. Slowly but surely, I got the hang of it. The first few months were rough, the way we do things in Proakatemia was so new to me and it took me a while to understand it.

Teamwork is such a strong thing here and I did not realize that when I first applied. It was new to me how strong teamwork here is, I obviously know how to work in a team but in Proakatemia it feels way more intense than I ever experienced. I’m excited in learning more about leading a team, I don’t feel like I am much of a leader, but I hope to learn to be one here. Something that shocked me was the number of essays we have to write here… I already knew beforehand about Proakatemia being heavy on essays, but I didn’t know it was this much. But I know well that essays are a great way of learning and improving your brain and writing skills.

Something that I hope to change in these upcoming years is being more a part of the community. I honestly do not know any people from Proakatemia except for my team and the rest of 22Entre. I wish to network and communicate more.

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