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My experience with hosting Swiss students and being part of the organizing team .

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When we first heard that our team is going to host 10 Swiss students, everyone was excited, and we initially considered forming an organizing team that would organize activities both outside and inside the school, as well as some learning activities for both the Swiss students and our team. People who wanted to join the organizing team did so, and I was part of it. It was interesting. We immediately began planning and contacting them in order to plan for the two weeks they will spend with us.

On Monday, we had a Proakatemia presentation, drank coffee, and showed them the premises and Proakatemia’s companies. On Tuesday, the Swiss students introduced themselves, and in the afternoon, we went to Siilinkari. Going to Siilinkari was fun; we stopped at the rental store where some of them rented figure skates. It was fun watching them try to skate. Once we arrived at the coffee shop, we had some hot chocolate and some munkki, and we just chatted. On Wednesday, one of my teammates and I took the Swiss students to explore Tampere; we walked through the city center and headed to the Pyynikki tower.

On Thursday, we had a culture paja  from 12:00 am to 4:00 pm. We had a presentation from Proakatemi’s Day which included some questions about culture. We split into smaller groups and discussed those questions. In the evening, we had a Kamppa Appro; we split the Swiss students into two groups, and two of our teammates were there to guide them to the apartments. We had three apartments where some of my teammates and students from Prokatemia  were hosting and planning a few games that the two teams would participate in and try to earn the best points to win a prize. After Kamppa Appro, we wanted to go to the karaoke, but it was closed for some reason, so we went to another club, which was nice and fun.

On Friday, the Swiss students visited the alumni FineSport with some of my classmates.

In the second week, on Monday, we had the 12-hour challenge; both us and the Swiss students had to come up with ideas on how to make sales as a multicultural company effectively for the upcoming sales days. On Wednesday, we had the Campfire Motorola; we went to the Santalahti campfire and grilled some sausages, had some snacks, and talked; it was great.

On Thursday, we had a learning session about Swiss culture, where the Swiss students made a Kahoot game about Switzerland, and we learned a lot of new things about their country and they learned about Finland as well . It was very educational .

On Friday morning, we had brunch with them and then said goodbye.

It was such a nice experience; I networked a lot with the Swiss students, and I had the opportunity to practice my French. I really enjoyed spending time with them and getting to know more about their culture.

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