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My Belbin test result

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My Belbin test result

Belbin is a test composed of two parts, the self-perception part where you are the one answering to questions about yourself, and the observer assessment where other people are answering questions about you. And after the test itself combines the results of both questionnaires, it identifies the preferred and avoided team roles for you, there are nine different roles, that are categorized into three groups, mental roles, action roles, and social roles.

The team roles that I prefer are implementor and team worker. The contributions of an implementor are that he is practical, reliable, efficient, turns ideas into action, and organizes work that needs to be done. Some allowable weaknesses are that it can be somewhat inflexible and slow to respond to new possibilities The contributions of the team worker are that it is cooperative, perceptive, and diplomatic and it listens and adverts to friction. Some allowable weaknesses on a team worker are that it can be indecisive in crunch situations and avoid confrontation.

According to the test results, my strengths are that I am likely to be able to adapt to others and relied upon to do what needs to be done. Be accomplished at planning and organizing my work. Use my intuition when working with colleagues and help defuse friction in the team. Be able to see all options objectively and do well in a position that requires careful judgment. My possible weaknesses are that I am uncomfortable when dealing with conflict. And I search a wide variety of options, but neglect to search for evidence in depth.

The best-suited work environment for me according to my Belbin test result was that I would be best placed on a job that already has a ready structure. That I am likely to be a dependable person who takes a systematic approach to work, I may need continued support and encouragement and I am likely to be highly capable of taking on more responsibilities if situated in a positive team environment. My observers have seen that I may be best suited to provide support for clients or colleagues as required, be on a job that requires dependability and on taking a balanced view when controversial issues arise. On the other hand, my observers indicated that I may be less suited to work in an environment where new ideas need to be explored.

I agree with the result of my Belbin and enjoyed seeing how some of my observers see me in the same categories as myself, and others in completely different, but most of them were in line with the results that I got from the self-perception part. This test helped me to get to know myself better, so that I can try to use my strengths and improve my possible weaknesses.


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