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Mass surveillance in our daily lives.

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Permanent record
Edward Snowden
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Permanent record.                                               Veikko Airas


I read about Edward Snowden´s book Permanent record. I chose the topic because I myself am a really big consumer of for example social media and I feel like there´s too much stuff we normal people don´t know about and don´t understand I feel the responsibility to know more about it to be able to use the internet more safely.


The story.


The book starts with talking about how Snowden grew up in a small town in North Carolina Snowden got really interested in technology at a really young age when his dad bought a Commodore 64 first he had little time to examine the completely new world in the forms of different game´s and internet and got hooked to it really quickly he was mesmerized by the amount of he could access on the internet and be learning new things from there every day. In the meantime, Snowden struggled in school because he was much more interested in his´s own stuff he could do when he was home. When Snowden was a teenager he also got really interested in hacking he first started to hack games and other really innocent small things but of course, couldn´t help his curiosity and started to investigate web pages on the internet and accidentally found himself from the Los alamos national laboratory´s web site´s folders and had access to a piece of really fragile information that was talking about the US. states nuclear weapons. This the first time Snowden actually realized how easily accessible even really important information can sometimes be. As time went by Snowden changed his working place many times and in 2009 started working at dell and did work at NSA and CIA´s connections in there he saw how big actually mass surveillance was. This process started after 9/11 when the government started to take more actions in detection behavior that might be a risk for us and slowly started to spread its virtual tentacles into almost every individual personal data in a really conserving way. He was watching from the side for years what kind of like information there was and took a little interest in it he was trying to find some concrete back up to it but at the time couldn’t find any but roughly a year later he accidentally came across president´s surveillance program. That was the moment he realized he was on some big things he felt more adult than ever but felt really bad. He was silent and watched from the side but felt heavy from his heart. Something has to be done. About a few years later he managed to collect enough information and contacted the state´s biggest newspapers to figure the best way to bring this to the public in the right way. At the time he was working in a bunker under a pineapple field located in Hawaii Snowden had been working there for few years. Exposing this information was no small task and Snowden had to plan everything really precisely. He contacted the guardian and the Washington post and met the journalists in Hongkong and after that followed really intense journey publishing the news exposing the government like this made them really angry and Snowden had to change countries multiple times when trying to find a shelter for himself.



The start of the book was a bit slow because Snowden wanted to talk about his background in a really precise way where he grew up and how he got interested in tech and what was his family like so it wasn´t that catchy at the start but as the book went forward it got a lot more interesting it’s crazy to think that these things really happened in real life. Overall I enjoyed this book but felt like it was too long for me it was sometimes really hard to focus on the book because of some slow parts the book had.



No, I will try not to think of this too much because I´m gen z and already so deep in technology that I believe my permanent record is already so deeply anchored on the internet that it can´t be unshackled from the internet anymore the thing I just want to is that governments and the companies that we use and have our data use our use it with responsibility and be fair to us. One thing that I would also like in the future that we could have more transparency with our governments so we would not need to live in the unknown that much. But again do actually need it to be hidden to avoid situations like 9/11 in the future? That is probably the question states are balancing on with this topic.

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