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Management and Leadership.

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2.Business management.


3.How to avoid problems in Business.


4.Team Leader.


5.Stories and quotes of successful people.











A businessman, as the owner of a company, must have good teamwork skills, communication skills and use them. This is directly related to success, the introduction of negotiations, communication with customers and employees is also impossible without discussion.  Every person who is tired of working for his boss wants to create his own business, he thinks that he is no worse than others, I can do better. At your previous job, you were the best employee that everyone is delighted with. But it’s worth considering whether you can cope with managerial skills, whether you can be a leader who is obeyed and respected. Otherwise, you will have to do everything yourself, because you cannot rely on anyone, and in this case the business will come to naught. But don’t worry in any case, everyone can succeed and develop their pre-acceptance skills if they wish. Starting a business is impossible without a good team and the ability to negotiate. This essay will simply present a study of the benefits of teamwork in managing your company.

2.Business Management.

Let’s start the discussion with the problem of starting your own small business.

Everyone will face problems when opening a company, but only those who try to overcome them and take risks will succeed. Even if you are a successful employee who does his job best, you will not be able to successfully manage the company, because at the same time everyone should not forget about the skills of an entrepreneur and manager. You have to be a good employee, but you still need to achieve a lot to make the business successful. It is also worth understanding that it will not be possible to succeed alone, employees are necessarily needed, for example, someone is responsible for finance, someone is responsible for advertising and so on. No one can understand all the qualities at once. Returning to the skills of an entrepreneur, manager and employee, the author argues that these three qualities struggle in all business personalities, and each of them prevails and wants to defeat the others, but a good company owner must learn to master each of these skills and cope with them. For example, if an employee’s character trait prevails over other qualities, then you will only be engaged in work all your life, but you will not be able to give orders, make plans and carry them out, without this it is impossible to make a successful business. As you can see from the study, behaviour is a key part of communication with your team and company management. It is your skills that have a direct impact on success. If a person learns to master the skills of an entrepreneur, employee and manager at once, then his business negotiations, communication with employees and clients, as well as doing business in general will be successful and bring pleasure and money.

“The purpose of creating your company is to get rid of technical work, which means to create jobs for other specialists. The purpose of creating an enterprise is to expand the limits of existing opportunities. You can discover something that will be in demand by the market, something that did not exist before. You can live a diverse life full of surprises.” (M. Gerber).This is exactly the quote that Michael Gerber wrote in his book. These words are very important for every person who wants to create his own business. It is correctly noted that you need to create jobs for other specialists, that is, your employees, and this will be impossible without proper communication, the ability to offer a good contract, convince a person that your company is what he needs, and without employees, the business simply will not exist. Also, very correct words from the quote about the discovery of something that is in demand by the market, here also affects the behaviour and quality of communication between the boss and the consumer. It is necessary to know the preferences of customers, be able to negotiate with them about the purchase of goods, understand what the target audience is among consumers, so that it is easier to attract them and show that your product is exactly what you need! Expanding borders is very important for a company, if it degrades or stands still, then the probability of its fall increases to 99 percent, 1 is the hope that the company will still grow. And by recruiting new employees, you increase the speed and quality of production, along with this, the number of consumers grows, and then the business expands, profits increase, new opportunities appear with which you can create as an artist, enjoying and pleasant surprises from business, and most importantly from life. At the heart of all this is a decent team, behaviour during the introduction of business and the ability to communicate correctly with employees and colleagues, they are the most important thing in the company.



3.How to avoid problems in business ?

“A calm attitude to failures is the most characteristic feature of a company with a high level of corporate culture, and this attitude comes directly from the top management. The winners must make many attempts, which sometimes lead to failures, otherwise the organization will not learn anything.” (M. Gerber).

Problems in business cannot be avoided, they will constantly haunt the entrepreneur, but the key role is played by how you treat them, do not be afraid of failures, the one who takes a lot of risks wins, because in the end the risk will justify the hopes of someone who will not lose heart and try something new, and then succeed. “Here is the question that you should constantly ask yourself: “How can I provide the customer with a result that he is systematically interested in getting?” or in other words: “How can I organize a business whose results depend more on the system of processes being performed, and not on the people who work in it?”, “How can I create a business based on an expert system and not hire qualified specialists?”” (M. Gerber). There are important words in the quote, the result of which the consumer will want to learn systematically.

This is a really good question, but in order to get this perfect product, you need to work very hard, try something new, invent, develop, in a word, this is called taking risks. Reasoning ,

as for the second question I ask myself, the working staff is an integral part of any successful business. Here, as everywhere, it will not be possible to find the ideal option from the first time, you need to try to dismiss useless employees and leave those who benefit, it does not matter if the employee does not succeed, he can be taught, the main thing is perseverance and desire. In the end, an entrepreneur will find people who are eager to work in his company – it will be a dream team that will bring success.

Many people do not know what their goal is, do not understand their ambitions, do not know what they want to develop in. This causes a lot of problems in work, business and life in general. To find your goal, you just need to ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” and to give an answer to this question, then you will have ambitions, a task and interest in your work, you need to constantly reach new heights. “But before you decide what this role will be, you need to ask yourself: “What do I value most in the world?”, “What kind of life do I want to live?”, “What do I want to feel, touch?”, “Who do I want to be?”. Your main task is to find answers to the questions posed.” (M. Gerber)

The quote perfectly explains what a novice businessman should do first of all. Without an answer to the questions posed, success is unattainable, because a person does not strive anywhere and does not understand why he is doing all this. When there is a plan and a goal that you want to achieve, then problems will not be an obstacle in your way, with the help of desire and risk, barriers will be overcome. But it happens that an entrepreneur loses the meaning of his work due to a heavy load. He already thinks that he cannot succeed and business is not for him. This is because one person’s personality wins over others. This has been discussed before, but I will explain a little more now. A businessman should have three qualities: entrepreneur, manager and employee. Each of these qualities constantly wants to defeat others, wants to be the first person in the human soul. Let’s assume that among them all, the employee wins over the others. A person wants to do, create with his own hands, counts only on himself and understands that no one will do this job better than him. In the end, he can’t manage anyone, he can’t come up with business ideas, and one person has a lot of work, he can’t cope and a nervous breakdown occurs. If you want to work, then find yourself a job in someone else’s business! There is no need to work in your own business. Because when you work, answer the phone, bake pies, wash floors and windows, work and work, you miss something much more important – entrepreneurial work, strategic work that will advance your business. Business needs a perfect balance. Entrepreneur: thinks through an action plan and calculates the success of the company, manager: hires and dismisses employees, manages the entire company, employee: he produces goods and teaches his employees how to do it. It is necessary to accept yourself among these three personalities so that there are no big problems.

4.Team Leader.

Leadership qualities help you gain the respect of other people. They listen to your opinion, they are interested in you, this is a leader who solves all important tasks. Many people think that these skills are innate in people and someone is lucky with them, and someone is not. This is an absolute lie! You can learn the qualities of a leader, there are many schools and institutes that teach this. It is clear that any boss in his company should be a leader, he needs to be obeyed, have honour and respect. Without this real leader, the company will be in a mess and lawlessness. You also need to dominate negotiations, be able to convince yourself that you are right, and competently build your speech so that people trust you. Leadership qualities will help a businessman when signing a contract, in relations with the team and with employees, at business meetings, even in a conversation with a consumer, it is important to show that your company is a leader in the market.

“True leadership grows out of individuality. Of course, sometimes the result is not perfect. But leaders should strive for authenticity, not perfection” (Sheryl Sandberg). Firstly, it is absolutely true that leadership grows out of individuality, you have to be yourself, not like everyone else, and the crowd will follow you. Secondly, the quote says that it is natural for a person to make mistakes. But a leader should strive for authenticity, not perfection, he should be a real version of himself, not a fake, no one can be perfect.

“Don’t follow the crowd. Let the crowd follow you” (Margaret Thatcher). This quote is a slogan for a leader. After all, it’s the people who follow him. Not in every situation is the boss a role model. The team may not listen to him and not respect him. Therefore, it is a big mistake when people think that the main one means the leader. There are many situations when everyone listens more to an ordinary employee than to a boss. From this we can conclude: a leader is someone whom people respect and follow. You should also know that the fact that you are the loudest does not mean that you are right! No matter how fiercely and aggressively you state your

position, it is important to build your speech correctly based on facts, this is what a leader does. People will follow the one who will be more convincing and truthful, loud words do not interest anyone – these are meaningless and false promises.

Faced with the problem of non-fulfilment of duties by employees, some bosses begin to do everything with their own hands, because they no longer trust anyone. In the end, the business is not progressing, and the boss has spent all his strength. A real leader should be able to choose the right team for himself, fire the superfluous and hire the right ones. Take Jordan Belfort as an example. This man was a fraudster, but this does not negate the fact that at first he recruited people without any skills and education, and then created with their help the largest company with a huge income. These people didn’t know how to do anything, but Jordan knew that they had a great desire and aspiration. A true leader should be able to find people for his team who want to study, work and constantly progress.


5.Stories and quotes of successful people.

Successful people, first of all, followed their dreams, did not listen to what their enemies told them, but listened to their hearts. In life, you communicate with people every day, and most of them do not believe in you and your ambitions, and some sometimes try to belittle and ridicule. But a person will become what he wants to be only if his faith in himself is with him to the last. Take for example the great footballer Leonel Messi. At a young age, he had a huge talent, but everyone said that with his growth he would not be able to become a football player, he was not taken by more than one famous club, but after Leo’s hard work on himself, he was taken by the great football club Barcelona, the management paid for his operation (she was fucked because of a lack of harmony of growth), after that the guy achieved great success, became a legend and the best football player in the world!

Don’t let anyone kill your self-belief!

A very inspiring quote by Vincenzo Pazienza is in the film “Bleed for this”, taken from his interview at the end of the film: “- What was the biggest disappointment for you, the biggest deception?

– The biggest deception – not everything is so simple. And this lie is repeated to you constantly.

– What’s not so simple?

– Yes, everything, absolutely. Everyone wants you to give up. They say: it’s not that simple.

– And what is the truth?

– It’s simple. If they say you can’t do something, do it, and that’s it. And you will understand that everything is very simple. And it’s always been that way.” (Vincenzo Pacienza) Indeed, great people succeed in this way. When you think something is unattainable, it’s just a barrier in your head. You have something on your mind, you have a goal, so achieve it! It works not only in business or sports, that’s how everything works in life.

Returning to the opening of your own company. Let’s take the well-known golden circle of marketing as an example. By creating and choosing a product for their business, the owners of an ordinary, not too successful company first answer the question “what?”, then “how?”, and then “why?”, but the company does not become successful, the product is not in great demand. And companies like Apple are always in great demand, why? Because Steve Jobs didn’t think like everyone else. First he answered the question “why?”. Secondly, to the question “how?”. Thirdly, to the question “what?”. It seems that the sequence has only changed, but exactly the same tactics are followed by all successful entrepreneurs. It is thanks to this that the product is in great demand among consumers.

“Celebrating success is great, but it’s much more important to listen to the lessons that failures give us” (Bill Gates). A very important component of success is to learn from their failures, they do not need to get upset. A businessman should be able to lose. Bill Gates is a very humble man who was not afraid of defeats, he took risks, tried new things and learned from failures, that’s how he became one of the most famous people in the world. It is also very important not to miss success. “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, but you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – you’ll find out how to do it later!” (Richard Branson)

Richard says absolutely truthful things, any businessman who has now achieved success has tried even what he is not sure about, because, as mentioned earlier, risk is the biggest component of any business. It is necessary to make an effort to make something happen. “It’s not about dreams, it’s about actions” (Mark Cuban) Dreaming is also very important, you need to make plans, have ambitions, know what you are striving for, but all dreams are futile without action, so that something happens, you can not sit idly by.

“Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it’s impossible. Life is too short to dream about something insignificant” (Tim Ferris).

Give freedom to your plans and thoughts, allow yourself to fantasize, then perhaps even the impossible will become possible.

“Whatever you think about, think bigger” (Tony Shay). It should be remembered that no goal is too big, a successful person tries to develop more and more every day – this makes him successful. “I know that if I fail, I won’t regret it. The only thing to regret is that I didn’t even try to do it” (Jeff Bezos).

Jeff Bezos, like many famous people, claims that the main thing is to try, this has already been mentioned earlier, but you must definitely realize your thoughts if you don’t try, then you will regret your whole life.

I want to give an example of Jordan Belfort’s success story, which can be seen in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

There are many negative aspects of this man in the film, but we take as an example his success story, which, despite the fraud, is worthy of respect. Each of us probably dreams of becoming rich, having a private house with a swimming pool or at least a yacht with a helicopter, that’s how lucky we are with business.

But Jordan Belfort was not just lucky with business, he was the embodiment of business himself, and no matter what bad things were said about him, he created himself, he was a man who decided his own fate, he was not afraid of anything, he did not dream, he did.

The world of Wall Street is not for weaklings, you need to have great potential to succeed there, although Jordan initially failed to succeed due to the collapse of the market, he did not give up.

It was his dedication to his ambitions, his determination and stubbornness that made him what he became. Jordan went the wrong way, but if he had done everything right without coming to a terrible lifestyle, then with such ambitions and aspirations he would have achieved 5 times his success (opinion taken from watching the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”) I will also give an example of the success story of Steve Jobs. At a young age, he met a man who showed him how to build a computer, he was so interested in the topic of computers that later he opened his computer company, which became the most famous in the world. All because he did what he liked, put his soul into it and developed.

For a better understanding of success, let’s analyse the quote:” The question is not who will let me, but who can stop me” (Ayn Rand).

Rand explains in his quote that no one should stand in your way. Don’t let anyone ruin your plans. Competitors and envious people will always try to destroy everything you have achieved, you will be deceived and confused. It is necessary to present yourself in such a way that it does not even occur to anyone to spoil everything that you have achieved and what you are striving for. Don’t listen to people who say that you can’t beat your competitors in the market, your team will support you and make every effort for your overall success. There will always be those who want to be better than you, but at the expense of desires, ambitions and efforts, we must try to win and be better than everyone else. Successful people do not stop and improve every time, they surpass their competitors by all criteria, that’s why they are at the top!


Summing up, we can say that in any kind of business there will be a variety of problems. Whoever can overcome these barriers will succeed. Companies fail and go bankrupt because of their own fears and self-doubt. It is impossible in business without ups and downs, it is important to understand this and not be afraid to take risks. The one who does nothing has no failures. There are many illusions, deceptions and myths in the world of entrepreneurship. This is because competitors and envious people are trying to convince a person that he is unworthy of success and will not be able to achieve it. Starting your own business is a whole art, and it’s brilliant to succeed in it! Famous people are one in a million, they worked very hard and took risks for this. At every step they were haunted by problems, doubts and all kinds of difficulties, but they coped with them, which is why such people are at the top. Each of us is an ordinary person, and what our life will be depends on desires and determination. Famous businessmen differ from others in that they are stronger, smarter, more able-bodied and bring everything to an end. Also, do not forget that without a fantastic team and mutual understanding with it, no business person would ever have succeeded , so it is very important to choose like-minded people in the team correctly. Do not deviate from your goal, work hard and believe in yourself, each of us is able to succeed!


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