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Life in akatemia lately.

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Starting a team enterprise with 18 other people that you’ve known for 6 months or even less isn’t as simple as it may sound. Since the beginning of my journey in Proakatemia during august, I’ve been thinking a lot about how things are going to be after we pass from being one big ENTRE group to two small team enterprises, how each member will take it, whether we are going to be able to work well as a team, and are conflicts going to storm out the moment we meet?

Everything has been quite fine, there were some small struggles in the first month regarding rules and communication but I think this is a common thing that every team must go through, somehow now that I’m looking at where we started from and where we are now I would say that we went through a lot of improvements and the team dynamics have definitely gotten better, we communicate better and members have an overall understanding of Trame’s rules and everyone is doing what they can to make this a comfortable safe space for the rest of the team, we all warmed up to each other and I am definitely closer to my teammates than I’ve been before and I feel that the bond between us is getting bigger and it will most definitely grow stronger after we share each others’ learning contracts during our first mökki paja.

So far, I’ve done quite a few projects with my team and in Proakatemia in general. I am a member of the well-being department at Trame and we just recently finished organizing our first ever Mökki paja and I can say that it is a lot of planning and there are many things to consider when organizing something especially if it is going to be for nearly 20 people but it is actually fun knowing that the members of well-being dept are easy going and have good communication. I am also backup Jory and I have been to one Jory meeting which I did, in fact, find very practical and fun to be at since it is people from all Proakatemia teams, and I have been considering being a main jory alongside with Patrick. Two more things are our money-milking projects and being in charge of Trame’s TikTok marketing; we have had 4 money-milking projects in which I was part of 3: Wolmark, snacks and Tise and these three projects were quite different from each other which helped acquire diverse learning from these. Speaking of the company’s TikTok marketing, I had my eyes on that before we even started the company, because it is something that I really want to do and take seriously and I am actually passionate about our new generation’s marketing and the new trends and tools.

Currently, we are doing preparation for the sales day event and dividing tasks and roles to make sure we’re ready beforehand and everything goes well. And for me personally, I want to do my best to help my team achieve a nice number on sales day, but other than that I’m going to be helping with the planning and hosting of Proakatemia’s first ever party at Tamk: The House Warming party and this is something that I’m trying out for the first time and I am actually very excited about it. One more thing is going to be: Essays, I’m looking to base most of my essays during this semester on team dynamics, leadership, and team building to get a better and deeper understanding when it comes to my team and help us grow together.

I am looking forward to see how the rest of the semester is going to be like and what kind of new things am I going to learn and discover.

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