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Why is it so hard for us to talk straight? At our working environments we tend to sugar coat every “negative” feedback for some strange reason. Are we afraid of insulting the other part, do we want to be likeable in the eyes of others or are we afraid of losing our job? Whatever be the case, it is common knowledge that talking of things as things, there is a bigger chance for both parties to understand the feedback in a mutual way. When the issue is received an understood as it was meant to be, it makes it more probable to take action towards the improvement needed.

Case FYRE-festival and Theranos are great examples of what happens, when straight and honest talk doesn’t occur. The leaders were so in love with their own mindset and ideas, that anyone who even slightly questioned, let alone criticized the company’s course of action, were fired. And we all know the rest. The whole business cam flying down, because there obviously was nothing that could have been done differently and still make the business successful.

Our team has been working hard for the past month to talk straight at all times. Surprisingly it worked as a snowball effect; the more you talk straight, the easier it becomes. Who’d knew… Both positive and instructive feedback has been received better and changes for better in our organization has actualized in a rapid speed. Even our atmosphere has improved a lot. Not only have we seen this change but received praise from our coach and other teams for this fresh, real and lurid policy within our organization. As Ed Maier wisely says: “Thinks straight. Talk straight” (Maier, E. 2010)

So, we’ll keep on talking straight and recommend the same to everyone else. Give it a go, you’ll be surprised!



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