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Journey of Entrepreneurship

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Journey of Entrepreneurship




Business Opportunity: Are you also planning to start a business with less money? Do you also have to do a profitable business? So, I have brought such a business idea for you, where a lot of money can be made by investing less capital. The demand for the business is talking by itself everywhere. I will explain some business ideas that can be started with very little investment. If you are also thinking of doing business, but want to make small investments, then this is a great business for you.

The chances of loss in business started with small investment are less. Also, profits start coming from the first month itself. If you are also thinking of doing business, but want to make small investments, then this is a great business for you. By starting on a small scale, big profits can be made in this business. The investment is really small.


Increased demand for packers and movers


The demand for packers and movers has increased rapidly in the last few years due to increasing industrialization and increasing population of cities. Actually, in today’s era, every man wants less headache along with the safety of his belongings. If you are changing your house, then you are also on the lookout for packers and movers. At the same time, it is needed to shift office or company. This business has been a hit in the last few years in terms of safety of goods.

what are the requirements?


Business can be started in proprietor, partnership or company format. First of all, get the registration done.


Get the company’s ID and open a account in your nearest bank account.


In the second step, after completing the registration process, select the name of the trade mark etc.


After this, find the domain name and create your website. Now get registration done.


This is a service or product-based business. Therefore, do the tax registration. However, you can file tax under VAT.


Now make a small office. You can also make this office in your home.


Finally, you can register on the basis of your mobile number on digital business websites or Facebook and Instagram, etc. There are many websites and apps that will help grow your business fast.


 How to get business?


You will be registered on the digital business website for some 100 Euros. When the customer needs packers and movers, he searches the net and enters his information there. The customer details will be sent to you from the Digital Business website. After which you can close your deal by talking to the customer.


 These things will be needed


To get started, you will need packing contours, packing paper, tape, rope and some tools. In this work, according to the need, a big or small four-wheeler is also needed. For this you can contact any transport company. In return for your work, they will take money from you. Also, a lever is also needed. Laver rates may vary according to the city.

For example, you took a contract of 500 Euros to shift the goods of a customer’s house. After the goods are shifted, 80 Euros will be taken from you by the car driver. You will need a laver for packing the goods etc. The cost of the Laver will come to around 180 Euros, Insurance and other expenses will come to. Around 300 Euros expense in this way, out of 500, you spent 300 Euros on the shifting goods. The remaining 200 will be your net profit. In this way, even if you do 10 things in a month, then you can easily earn 2000 Euros or more.


Videography business 


Nowadays, the trend of videography of wedding, birthday party has increased. In such a situation, the chances of earning a lot in the business of videography and photography have increased. If you are interested in this business then you will need high resolution camera, tripod and lighting. By the way, let me tell you that along with videography, drones are also used in weddings and birthday parties. If you want, you can also buy a good drone. You can learn more about it on Social media for free.


Mobile shop business

Today’s youth recharge through their mobile wallet. But despite this, there are still some people in the country who recharge from the recharge shop. In such a situation, good earnings can be made by starting the business of mobile recharge shop. At the same time, if you know how to repair mobile, then you can start this business and earn good money. Let us tell you that with recharge, you can also start the business of selling mobiles, anyway there is a demand for the latest mobile version among the youth.


 Tailoring business

Today’s youth thinks very differently in terms of fashion. He follows today’s trends and fashions and wears clothes of his choice and design. In such a situation, you can start tailoring and sew clothes of their choice. If you become popular. There is a good earning opportunity in this. This business can also be started with very little capital. Let us tell you that this business is perfect for girls and women. They can do this work by sitting at home (Earn money at home).


 Coaching center business

If you people are fond of teaching, then you can start a coaching institute as well as become a home tutor. Let us tell you that the trend of online teaching classes has increased a lot during the Corona period. You can also earn good money by investing some money in this. You can open coaching centers in the city and village with a really small investment.




These ideas help you to start your business with really low cost and will help you grow your business faster. In this process, you can make good profits in a very short time. If people like the sample given by you, then they will give you more work, as a result your business will start growing gradually, the main purpose of this type of website is to create harmony between the people who get the work done and Doing.




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