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Kirjoittanut: Kamil Wójcik - tiimistä FLIP Solutions.

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Essay created by Kamil Wójcik and Esme Luhtala

While waiting for the bus some observed Tesla driver deny that they need winter tyres.

Together with Veikko, we walked everyday 45min to our office.

The first night we got 30cm of fresh snow and it was just starting.

View from the office at Mavericks Club.

Let it snow.

King of the mountain.

Veikko and Lars (COO at Maverics Club) hard at work.

It’s important to take breaks and enjoy the fresh air and snow.

Snow fight


Capturing the moment

Our office had a lovely workout space

Packing cars and ready to go!

Pictures all the way

Esme not believing where she arrived

Even at the bottom station there is some snow

Veikko,Ella and Esme

First gondola

Fun fact: to get from the bottom (1600m) to the top (3500m), one must take two gondolas and a “metro”. Yes, the last part of the trip to the top of the glacier includes a train that feels more like a funicular inside the mountain through the stone tunnel.

At the top, we are exposed to some serious wind due fact that we top station is on the ridge of the mountain.

Selfie time

More pictures

It was great, therefore we go up again

Kamil and Veikko

View from the top. 3500m station is surrounded by well over 4000m peaks which create very dramatic and spectacular views.

le TeamDiscussing the lines
Enjoying the sun on the chair lift

Smaller chair lifts and wide slopes

après-ski at the resort bar

Time to pack and head back. It was a truly amazing day. We are leaving very tired, yet happy.

Ignore day marking. It is day six.

We visited Sion, met with our friends who took us for a sightseeing tour and fondue dinner which we enjoyed with excellent local wine.


Sion <3

Being turists

Ella enjoying the weather in the valley

Esme doing her thing(we had very special paja room in the crypt)

Streets of Sion

Streets of Sion

Happy turists

We did walk a lot

Pictures of people eating are the best, aren’t they?

Fondue, please!

Very random painting from the church. That’s how we feel when we trust the process sometimes…

Veikko and Antoine are in their element

Instructions first

Revive retrofit Defender from 1999 – rare sight

Keeping the original elements in place.

Veikko testing and loving it!Day 7, Laussane.

On the way to Lausanne. The great, thing about Switzerland is train travel. We are glad we took 8-day pass for all transportation means around the country. It allowed us to freely jump on any train, bus, funicular or metro we wanted to. The views from the train in the country are stunning.

Snap in the metro.

Meeting old friends at HES-SO InnoKick.

At InnoKick.

Makers space – this is where teams create mockups and prototypes.

Tour around the makers space.

Laser cut.

Hang out space is a collection of self-made furniture and items.

3d printing room.

Mission future at InnoKick.

There would not be a day with a glass of good wine – meeting more friends.

Laussane by night.

Flash lights.

Nathan and Saana.

Yann as a city guide.

Last supper.

How many?

Perhaps a few too many…

This was a memorable trip and this two-part essay was an experiment. We wanted to show through pictures what we did in the Final Camp and save a little memories for ourselves as well as for the community.

Let us know in the comments how did you like it and we are more than happy to answer your questions!

About the assignment from the customer, you can read in here.

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