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Introducing FreeWater: A Product to Revolutionize Free Markets

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In the event you are an avid social media user like myself, who may have stumbled upon a video with people giving away water for free in the US. In eco-friendly packaging and full of colourful ads, FreeWater may be a company starting a movement worldwide.


What is it?

In short, Freewater acts as a platform selling advertisements on water bottles.

Selling advertisement space enables Freewater to cover the cost of production, shipping,  distribution, sales commission and profit while supporting charities aiding the global water crisis. For the consumer, the water is free and for the client, FreeWater is an easy and innovative way to share advertisements to consumers through guerrilla marketing while supporting a good cause.  


Square one..

The story of Freewater began in 2015 when the founder Josh Clifford and his wife established a non-profit organisation to aid refugees in Serbia, distributing basic necessities such as food and water. Upon asking the reasons for leaving the country, about 20% of them left due to lack of access for basic human needs, water being one of them.

According to the founder, the product is a negatively priced consumer packaged good (CPG), meaning that they make money paying people to consume products: when compared to an ordinary bottle of water, the consumer will receive the product as 110% free when considered that the water bottle is free and a minimum of ten cents is donated to charity to support the building of water wells in areas with no or little water.

Eco-friendliness that makes you stop.

The water is currently packaged in aluminium bottles or paper cartons that are easier to reuse or upcycle. In terms of product development, FreeWater’s long-term goal is to manufacture packaging made of hemp cartons to prevent deforestation and mining of natural resources as well as a fully circular supply chain.

Future plans.

The future plans of FreeWater are ambitious and aim to normalise the free economy.

The project that the company is currently working on aims to provide free vending machines, free home delivery and the creation of microfactories around the US to cut down costs on production as well as boost the brand recognition and usage of FreeWater. This is all done with the main goal of supporting clean drinking water and the expansion of such ventures could mean that the future could see free supermarkets that would target e.g. food waste.

FreeWater is an excellent and innovative way to change the world while turning your advertisements from an inconvenience to a positive interaction, saving the world at the same time. 


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