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The library of essays of Proakatemia

Intro: Welcome to Spring 23’, Album of essays.

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Intro: Welcome to Spring 23′, Album of essays.



         In Proakatemia, every semester we are expected to create Essays worth 20 points. I have been a person who was driven to do things for the fun, and they fulfillment that I get when I finish the task. write Which is why 3 weeks before the deadline, I haven’t gotten any Essays done yet. Not to mention the team deadline that we have in 1 week. Then I thought of multiple ways to spice things up. Before, my Tactics were to make Essays a couple of hours before the deadline. It was fun trying to race with the deadline and being able to express myself in the essay as well. However, this time I thought that it would be disrespectful to my team if I didn’t do it before our team deadline. I know that everyone is working hard to get essay points done, and I respect it.


Which is why I came up with the concept of releasing all my essay points as an album. Mimicking the way artists release a bunch of songs through an album. As someone who listens to music a lot, I have always looked forward to when my favorite artists dropped their album. It gives me excitement because I get new music, fresh stuff, new expressions, and new feelings to understand. It would also somehow represent what the artist is going through and what they have been through since the last album.


With this, I am able to get myself excited when writing the Essays of this semester because it makes me feel like I am an artist and I have listeners waiting for my album. This makes the whole activity of having Essays more fun and exciting. If I looked back to what I had gone through this semester, then I would just go to my spring 23 album. If you are reading this, you have reached the end of the intro track, thanks for reading. Welcome to my album, Spring 23′.



Track/Essay List


         Intro: Welcome to Spring 23′, Album of essays.    

         2 basic things a leader needs

         Types of leadership (Ft. Peetu, Janette)

         Hot Take EP 1: How will the birth of AI affect the creative industry?

         Hot Take EP 2: Proakatemia makes you or breaks you? (Ft. Wanni)

         Hot Take EP 3: NFTs, a product of hype marketing and Ponzi scheme?

Why do we procrastinate? (Ft. Peetu, Janette)

         End track: Summer thoughts

just chilling, nothing much

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