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Importance Of Rest

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Importance of Rest


In todays world a lot of people tend to get caught up In their working life and completely forget that their body needs to rest for them to be able to keep up with the quality of their work and life in general. When ones body is under too much stress and work load it is very easy for it to turnout to be a burnout which can take years to recover from. Often times people let theirselves rest only on their vacations and not on a regular basis, but they don’t realize the importance of letting their body rest in everyday life and how good it would be for them if they’d do that. Rest is different for all of us and there is not one specific thing that one should do for them to rest, but what rest is? It is behavior that someone does to increase their physical or mental well-being. Sleeping and resting have a strong connection inbetween, but they can still be seen as different things from each others. Both of them are really important for ones mental, emotional and physical health. But resting can be something physical that you do for your well-being or doing for example breathing exercises and in the other hand sleeping is a body-mind state in which individuals experience sensory detachment from their surroundings. (Integrisok 2021.)



Benefits of resting


Resting enough has a variety of different benefits to your life and we are going to talk bout them next. When one is getting enough rest in their life, a thing they can possibly see pretty quickly is that they can process things that are happening way better when their body has rested and their mind is at a better state. If you are constantly in a hurry and you don’t give your head and body time to rest, the basic encounters and happenings in your life will be much harder to go trough when you are too stressed. This may be seen in things like getting angry really easily or not being able to maintain true perspective to things in your life. When you have rested and slept well you are able to counter life’s experiences in a better way and can turn them into positive insights in your life. This will help you with thinking and seeing things more clearly and that way it also gives you the aibility to let go of things that do not bring value and benefits to your life. (Holdenqigong 2022.)


This style of resting more and in a way slowing down a bit in life can reduce the stress and anxiety levels of people. When slowing down the mind of ones can think a lot more clearly and not overthink about all the things like relationships, work, parents and a lot more.  When your body has rested it doesn’t have to be in this constant battle with the things you are thinking about and it can think about them with more sense which will not make your anxiety and stress go so high. (Holdenqigong 2022.)


Low rest can also have an affect to your bodies healing processes. When your body is constantly in a busy and stressed state, your sympathetic nervous system is also activated. When the sympathetic nervous system is active your body’s many organs are not able to perform as well as they are supposed to. This system is responsible for keeping a human safe when danger is present. So therefore when it is active and your organs can not run in the way they are supposed to and the sympathetic nervous system is overly active, it takes a toll on your body. So when you are resting well and for example sleeping well your body changes from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system, and when that shift is happening when you are resting your organs, muscles and other body tissues are able to heal. This can be a big factor for example when an athlete Is battling with a injury, the rest is then really important for the healing. (Holdenqigong 2022.)


Resting can also have a really big effect in the relationships in your life. If you are constantly really stressed and tired from working and pushing your body to the limits. After that is impossible for someone to give their all for someone in a relationship as well. The tiredness and big amount of stress might result in fighting all the time and that way pointing the relationship to a bad direction. Resting enough allows you to cultivate presenteness with the people closest to you and your heart. It gives you the ability to be emotionally available in situations where it is needed and also the ability to enjoy things that you’re doing together with the people you care about. (Holdenqigong 2022.)


To conclude, resting is really important for a human body for ones mental, physical and general health. Resting reduces stress, gives the opportunity to be more active in your life, works against the variety of detriments of sedentary life and also boosts your immune system. According to some studies, resting can even add years to your life. On top of rest giving you a lot of physical benefits, resting can also be big part in the well-being of a company. Employees will be more productive and have more energy and creativity when the have rested properly. So when given all this you can see that resting is really important for all of us and it should never be underestimated how much you should rest in your daily life because it can really take a big toll on your body which can lead to really bad end results. (Riddle 2021.)








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