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Impact Of Technology To Education

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The impact of technology to education



When Covid-19 hit the world and there was limitations on how much people could see each other the education field ran into a problem because they were not able to hold normal face to face classes anymore. This is the time when every normal school in the world had to go trough a time of change, the classes had to be moved online and the teachers had to get used to holding the classes in online calls like zoom or teams. Technology has been a part of education for a long time but it wasn’t until couple years back when technology became a major part in education when the classes transformed completely to being held online. When technology took over the education field it was noticed that the new way of studying can bring just as good results as the normal in-person classes, if not better. When the technology is used in the right way, it can boost the engagement of the students in the class, assist teachers in improving lessons plans, and enable personalized learning which is not so easy to do in the traditional way of studying. The different aspects and features that the technology brings to the classes can make the classes a lot more interesting, but on top of that they also can provide the class with more inclusive tasks that encourage more cooperation and intellectual curiosity which gives the teacher the ability to collect data from the performances.  (Bay Atlantic University 2022.)



What benefits does technology bring?


In todays world everybody uses technology in some kind of way. It has become a big part of our daily lives and daily activities, developing the way people consume and process different information. The most noticeable thing to happen with technology in our lives in recent years has been the impact that it has had on education. Schools are constantly adding more technology to classrooms and giving more and more capabilities of completing courses online in different variations with the help of technology. This also gets the students ready for the rapidly coming changes in the world when technology is advancing and constantly becoming more used in every field. The technology in the classrooms helps the teachers to assign all kinds of different assignments to the students so they can put their experience and knowledge into practice and in the same time developing the ability of applying their knowledge to find a solution for a situation or a problem. By using the technology schools are also able to sharpen the students critical thinking when the tasks that are diven to the students are more engaging and more interesting to the students rather than just doing normal assignments from the books. The assignments that the students can be provided with gives them the ability to communicate easier with each other and courage others in collaborative activities, in addition the technology gives the ability to ask questions from the teacher one-on-one during the class so the teacher can help with any difficulties that the student might encounter during the class. So basically with technology the communication inside the class is way better and a lot more easier for everyone to do. The students can also communicate with people outside of the class for example they can communicate with people all around the world which improves the cultural learning and teaches the students on how to communicate with people from all around the globe which is a really important lesson when thinking about the fact that the working life is becoming constantly more international and you have to know how to communicate with the different people that you encounter in your job. (Bay Atlantic University 2022.)


The change of moving from books to technology in school has also brought the ability to personalize the learning of each student more easily than before. Before technology the classes were held for many people at the same time and the students had to keep up with the pace that the teacher was going with. Technology provides everyone in the class with the same assignments and even can give different assignments for everyone depending on their skill levels. It also allows every student to move in their own pace of doing the assignments which is better when talking about the learning aspect. When the students can move in their own pace, they have a lot more time to think about the questions and in the same time also more time to learn the things properly that they are studying. Also the students have the ability to rewatch videos that are shown in the class if they did not understand them well enough on the first time so they can watch them later and then learn the needed information. The students can also attend different kinds of courses outside of the courses that their own school provides, this provides a lot more learning opportunities for the students when they don’t have to attend every class in real life and they can attend them online.  (Bay Atlantic University 2022.)

Negative impact of technology

While technology bring a lot of good to the education world, it also has its negatives in it. In some cases the technology reduces the thinking skills of students because they are able to find the information so easily from the internet so they just google answers for the questions they have problems with. Technology also reduces the social skills of some students because there is not as much social encounters happening inside the classroom when all the tasks are done online. It also affects the health of students in a bad way, staring at a screen for several hours a day every day of the week is bad for the eyes and might affect the eye sight of the students. Also when staring at the screen the students are exposed to the blue light that is coming from the device that they are looking at and this reduces the quality of sleep. The blue light suppresses the production of melatonin which leads to the quality of sleep lowering which may cause a variety of different problems for the students. The electronic devices also emit electromagnetic radiation which is not good for human body, when being under the radiation for a long time it might cause cancer, infertility and other health problems. (Singh 2023.)




To conclude, technology has brought a lot of good aspects and features to the education world, but it still has also a lot to improve on. The health risks have to be reduced so the students have a healthier way to study but it will be solved with time. The technology provides students with possibilities that are never seen before and it also offers a lot more learning opportunities when being able to take courses from home on your computer. It also provides schools with more opportunities and the learning is not anymore restricted inside the four walls of your classroom. The technology will definitely improve even more in the future and develop the education world to be even better.








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